Minnie Mouse HatCredit: Meaghen and Melissa

When I first received my Minnie Mouse hat from ThisNThatBoutique19, I was delighted by the striking colors that really compliment each other. The black hat was bordered with a bright pink edge and a bright pink bow on one ear. I couldn't wait to get it on my little girl!

The hat was crocheted with precision using a very soft yarn that really keeps my daughters head warm when it's chilly outside! What's better than a hat that offers both functionality and exceptional cuteness? Nothing – that's what I say! The stitching in this hat is uniform and even, giving it the appearance of something that was professionally made! The quality in this item is evident in each and every aspect. The ears are attached firmly and are perfectly round with an adorable curl at the edge to give it a special touch, and the pink bow over one ear adds real personality to this perfect little hat!

When I finally wrangled my daughter and put it on her head, I was absolutely tickled with how cute it was and how well it fit her! The hat is the perfect size for her and comes down far enough to keep her ears well covered. When we went grocery shopping, I had to leave the hat on her so that I could show it off and just as I expected, we received many compliments on it!

ThisNThatBoutique19's Etsy shop is owned and operated by twin sisters, Meaghen and Melissa. They get their inspiration by designing items for their own adorable children and that is why each piece is a labor of love! They found that making handmade items for their own little ones was so much fun that they would share their art and joy with others! One look at their Etsy shop and it is obvious that they have a blast creating and selling these sweet little hats!Crochet DressCredit: Meaghen and Melissa

Whether your little one is a sports-loving little boy or a pretty-in-pink princess, there are so many different styles and colors to choose from that you are sure to find something for your little angel! They welcome custom order request so you can choose the perfect size and colors to personalize your purchase for the child in your life! Hats aren't the only thing these girls can do, so be sure to check out their Etsy shop for some fabulous finds made with quality and love!