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Minocycline for Acne

Minocycline is a tetracycline antibiotic that is used primarily to treat acne; however it is also prescribed for other skin ailments including Lyme disease. This prescription medication is not recommended for nodular acne: however minocycline for acne is often used for the most common types of the condition such as acne caused by bacteria. Minocycline is often branded and sold under other names. One popular and common name minocycline is marketed under is Solodyn.

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 Does Minocycline Work for Acne?

Although minocycline will not cure your acne condition, it will help to alleviate most of your breakouts. You willMinocycline can be Dangerous to Take. Make Sure you Work with a Doctor.Credit: get the best results if you use minocycline on a regular basis and continue to do daily facial scrubs. It does not work overnight but if you continue to use it for an extended period of time you will see a drastic improvement in your acne. As well as minocycline works for most types of acne, it is not recommended for use if you suffer from nodular acne.

Minocycline works on fighting your acne from the inside out by attacking the bacteria within your body that causes acne. In order for a minocycline for acne treatment to be effective you must take your prescribed dosage of it on a consistent and regular basis. If you skip days or have periods where you do not use your minocycline then it will not be an efficient way to get rid of your acne. You must take your minocycline in the prescribed doses without skipping days for an extended period of time to see results. Once you begin to see your acne clearing up, it is vital that you continue taking the minocycline until you are advised by your doctor to quit taking it.

Do I Need a Prescription for Minocycline?

You should definitely only use minocycline for acne under a doctor's order. Minocycline can be extremely dangerous and, in some individuals, it can be potentially lethal. As with a lot of other medications, there are people who buy minocycline without a prescription off of the Internet. There are often side effects when a patient is taking it for acne control. One of the most common side-effects is nausea. For that reason, it is vital that you drink plenty of water thorough out the day when you are using minocycline. A prescription is needed for minocycline so that your doctor can be alerted to any potentially dangerous side effects that you may experience. Some people should never use minocycline because of other health problems. Only a doctor can advise you as to whether it is safe for you to use minocycline for acne so in order to treat your acne safely be sure to work with your physician on your dosage.

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The cost of minocycline varies a lot depending on where you live and also if you order minocycline online or not. Most monthly minocycline prescriptions will generally run $25-$75 a month. The cost will also vary depending on the dosage that your Doctor prescribes. Most medical insurance programs will not cover the costs of minocycline for acne when it is prescribed for specifically for that course of treatment. Insurance will often cover the costs associated with minocycline if it is prescribed for something other than acne.

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