The average driver is not aware of common car problems. Unless he/she has an avid interest in all things automobile and know everything there is to know about cars, anything that hints to your vehicle being 'off' can be quite disturbing. Here is a list of few common car problems that should help you differentiate between minor and major car problems.

Engine Knock – Road debris lodged in between trend of your vehicle's tires is what usually causes the noise in your engine. Another reason for your engine knocking might be from a great clearance between the components located in the valve train. Do not worry about minor sounds, although if persistent, it would be good idea to take it to the mechanics.

Squeaky Brakes – There are many reasons why the wheels from your car might squeak–vibrations between pads and rotors, pads and calipers, calipers and mounts etc. Squeaky brakes can even be made with your shoes and drums to your shoes and backing plates. Again, most sounds are usually minor problems, but take it to the car shop if the sound persists.

Check Engine Light – Whatever might be amiss, your check engine light turns on to give you ahead warning to take your car for a routine diagnostic scan at a convenient time. But make sure you are aware of the meaning between the color differences that turns on–yellow means its nothing major while red means your car needs immediate attention.

Vehicle Pulls to One Side – Your vehicle veering towards one particular side means your car is out of alignment. This is not something to stress too much about, just take it in for realignment.

Rough Ride – Shock absorbers and struts might behind the problem of your once smooth car ride turning rough and bumpy. If fixed early on, this problem is nothing major. But if left alone for too long, the minor problem will turn into you needing an entirely new shocks and struts for your car, which can be expensive. Do your homework and use California's Lemon Law to help protect you from unnecessary vehicle expenses.