The movie “Minority Report” was released in theaters during the year 2002.  It is a science fiction crime drama directed by Steven Spielberg, starring Tom Cruise, Colin Farrell and Samantha Morton.  The plot is extremely creative.  The setting takes place in the year 2054 A.D.  Tom Cruise plays a major character named John Anderton, a pre-crime police officer that is based in Washington D.C.  His department is utilizing a fairly new technology that gives officers the ability to arrest a criminal just before the actual crime is committed. 

Three genetically altered or mutated humans known as the pre-cogs have almost perfected the process of seeing into the future of criminals and their victims, including the identification of their names, as well as the date and time of the crime.  The only “catch” is that the location cannot be determined, which is where John and his team must piece together clues from the visions of the pre-cogs.  In an upcoming national election, the pre-crime department is on the voting ballad to be expanded from the city of Washington to the entire United States.  Colin Ferrell plays Danny Witwer, a U.S justice official that has been sent to observe John’s work in pre-crime.  All seems to be well, and both the pre-cogs and John’s division have the process of solving pre-crime down to a science.  One day, everything changes:  John is named as a criminal who would shoot a man in a tall building.  Will he be able to prove his innocence, or is his fate already sealed? 

The most impressive thing about this movie was its futuristic portrayal of America.  It was surprisingly subtle in some spots, yet completely innovative in most areas.  The Jetsons immediately come to mind.  For example, John’s car and home are laced with technology.  The department stores and other places for advertisements are programmed to market products directly to one’s brain, anywhere a person travels.  Nano-technology and implants are most likely responsible for all of this.  As a Christian, I was both fascinated and terrified of the potential regarding this type of technology.  The mark of the Beast and the book of Revelation immediately came to my mind.  Sure, some people may think I’m crazy, but I am fine with that:  the Bible states that all Christians are peculiar people, especially for following God instead of the world. 

The fact that people can change is put into an interesting case study with this film.  Elements of temporal tampering raise philosophical questions and certain moral issues are at stake.  I liked the interaction between John and Agatha, one of the pre-cogs, played by Samantha Morton.  The case concerning John being set up or not was unpredictable.  I admire Spielberg as a creative visionary and Tom bringing an intriguing character to life, but I will not be ashamed to pray for their souls, among others.  I need Jesus Christ just as much as anybody else, so I’m not perfect either.  While I laughed at a few of the instances, I take some of the concepts displayed in this film very seriously, because our futures are based on the dreams of today.  This movie was very entertaining and thought-provoking at the same time.  That is my report, and I’m sticking to it.