I think that mint is one of the easiest colors for women to wear of the trendy colors in 2012 and probably 2013. That being said, most of the colors weren't very easy to wear at all.  When I first saw the colorful trend of skinny jeans I thought that they looked quite dated. I just didn't see myself ever wearing them. However, after seeing them everywhere for several months one day I suddenly had to have a pair. 

Can a Plus Size Figure Wear Skinny Jeans?

It's one thing to see mint green skinny jeans on Pinterest or Tumblr. Size 0 models look great in them. I always try them on at Kohl's or Target and wonder what I'm doing wrong. I can copy the outfit exactly and this lighter color will have me looking ten lbs. heavier. I bet there's a lot of crying in the dressing rooms over this trend. I'm not even plus size. Getting the right fit and using pattern to distract the eye should help somewhat.

Floral Skinny Jeans Combine Multiple Trends

What Color is Mint?

When I looked for this color I was surprised at how many different variations there are of it. Some looked more like teal, others had a little bit of yellow in them and I would've classified it as more of a lemongrass color. Others looked more sage with too much gray in it. To me, a mint color is almost an ice blue with a little bit of green thrown in. It should be lighter and not neon at all.

How I Picture the Color Mint

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Make an Outfit Out of It

You probably won't wear head to toe green unless it is St. Patrick’s Day. I love this with the oversized boyfriend blazers that are popular right now. Again, this was a look that I thought was reminiscent of the 1980s at first. However, it looks like a tailored and modern suit if the fit and color palette is right.

It also works well with almost any pattern. Ikat tops are too fashion forward to just pair with a typical blue jean. I also love creating an ombre effect if you can find a white top that goes into a green tone and then use solid jeans.

What to Wear With It

One thing that I've seen in fashion that I typically haven't seen in any other year is that there aren't a lot of your typical neutrals. There's less black than I've seen in stores before. A few white tees may still be around. However, lately the scene is all about color and pattern. Chocolate brown was popular a few years but now gray is the only go to neutral.

Although I love gray, I also love the versatility of it. It looks great with turquoise, magenta, or coral. Typically the brighter colors would be worn towards the face; but not this year.

The element that keeps this looking up to date and modern is actually the fit. Skinny jeans and even crops keep this from being too outdated. This style makes your shoes really important whether it's gladiator sandals, booties, or tall boots.

From Guess

Can I Wear Mint Green Skinny Jeans in Winter?

This style really does work for every season. It adds life to just sunglasses and t-shirts in the summer and spring. It lends a funky vibe to the cardigans and bubble necklaces that are popular for fall. It even reinvents a classic cowl neck sweater for winter.

I didn't know when I would wear colorful jeans. However, a quick search through my favorite stores and magazines showed that they are a staple. I never stop and think what I’m going to wear with blue jeans because they match everything. Mint is really the same way this year.