Minuteman vacuums are some of the most impressive and specialized vacuums in existence. Their product line is more impressive than ever and includes some incredible machinery that is unparalleled in other vacuums.

The Minuteman H20 Hospital Vacuum is the perfect example of how Minuteman specializes their products for the job they are intended to do. The H20 is just under 20 inches wide so that it manages to stay out of the way in busy hospital hallways. This thing is capable of cleaning 20,000 sq. ft. per hour with its compact disc scrubbing brush, not unlike an old discman. The machine is also a lot less noisy than other models so that patients can rest properly.

Minuteman Vacuums

Next up is the BPV. It stands for backpack vacuum and you look like a Ghostbuster when you put it on. I don't think I would mind working with a large vacuum on my back if I could pretend I was sending paranormal imposters, in the form of dust, back to where they belong. The BPV weighs only 10 pounds so it's lighter than my backpack was in high-school and incredibly maneuverable in tight spaces that still require an industrial vacuum. You won't have to worry about finding a socket because it has a 50 foot cord. The filtration system is second to none and makes sure that none of the exhaust gets expelled in places that have yet to be vacuumed, preventing dust from being stirred up. It is basically the coolest vacuum I can think of owning.

For polishing floors, you really have to step up the game. You do that by purchasing a Minuteman Mirage Kawasaki Propane Burnisher. Electric power is so passé so jamming a propane powered 17hp V-Twin engine on a polisher is a fantastic idea. Running a cord to a vehicle that is going to be polishing 35,000 square feet every hour is impossible and a battery capable of powering this machine for any decent amount of time isn't invented yet. Don't worry about exhaust from this unit because it is equipped with the Minuteman Certified Emission Control System. The system keeps the air to fuel ratio of the floor burnisher in check to make sure that the carbon monoxide emissions never get anywhere near concerning levels. There's also a catalyst in the exhaust system to burn off any excess fumes. When the two systems are combined, the burnisher produces 0% CO and exceed all EPA and CARB emissions standards. I would be proud to walk behind a machine of this caliber.

If you're going to have to pull a vacuum behind you, you might as well buy the best one you can find. The Minuteman 705 air vacuum allows you to suck up wet or dry messes at up to 188 cubic feet per minute. What's more is that it does all this with no motors or moving parts, making it a pleasure to operate because it rarely requires service or maintenance. It works on compressed and the Venturi principle to create an exceptionally high airflow and very impressive static lift. Because of their lack of moving parts, energy consumption is kept to a minimum and more money stays in your pocket. It is also an incredible option for when standard voltages are not available. The Minuteman 705 air vacuum is a serious piece of sucking engineering.

Minuteman vacuums are among the best products that suck, but keep in mind that they do much more than that. Minuteman is a company devoted to keeping your floors clean, should they be tile, marble, carpeted or hardwood, in a hospital, office, school or basketball arena, Minteman vacuums get the job done.