Mention of the words large mirrors immediately evokes an emotional association with our minds with beauty. Ever since mirror making was discovered, man has got into the habit of viewing oneself in the mirror. This has become an unconscious habit with every one. If you observe for a moment any shopping street or a hotel lobby where one can find a mirror, you will see that people who pass by unconsciously and automatically look into the mirror at the available on the window or anywhere, and adjust their hairdo or brush their faces.

Historical art and paintings be it European paintings, Indian or Chinese paintings you will see beautiful women holding beautifully framed ornate mirrors. Even the portraits of many royalty and queens can be found to have pictures of silver or gold framed mirrors with intricate carvings. Poetry liberally borrows its concepts of reflection and beauty from mirror, which is used very frequently. Comics, Stories and movies creatively make use of mirrors in their plots and scenes.

Interesting fact to note is that since mirrors reflect an exact image, the word has been used as a verb and adverb too as in the case of 'mirror image'.

This human instinct to see the reflection of self first began with people seeing reflections of themselves in pools of undisturbed water and on polished metal surfaces. Ancient history of civilizations traces the development of mirrors. It is believed that the mirrors were first made using stones with highly reflective surface. Mesopotamians are believed to have used mirrors made out of copper. Chinese are credited to have discovered the art of making mirrors out of metals and alloys. However, the credit of perfecting the process of glass mirrors goes to the Romans.
Though mirror is being used extensively for industrial purposes besides being used in many articles such as cameras, telescopes etc, the primary association is still tagged to the Mirrors being used as an object of beauty and for personal grooming.

One can see beautifully framed huge mirrors lining the walls in palatial buildings and hotels. Mirrors are also used extensively in homes not only for personal use, but as a decorative piece too. One can find various sizes of mirrors with hundreds of designs of frames made out of various materials from silver, copper to wooden frames, plastic and fancy designs and borders.

Interior decorators always use large mirrors intelligently to enhance the appeal of the interiors. A large wall mirror when placed strategically reflect the light and give a feeling of openness and makes the room look bigger and brighter. When placed near water, mirrored walls enhance the beauty of the surroundings with water, light and mirror playing beautiful symphony.