Mirrors For Reflections?

Do you only use mirrors as a functional item? Mirrors can be so much more than a way of checking your hair or make up before you leave the house. There are many designs of mirrors out there, some of the more popular being art deco mirrors. Whatever the design of mirror they can all be used as bedroom or bathroom mirrors. However, many people only buy mirrors as a functional item and a way of checking their reflection and for this reason they miss the true potential of a mirror.

Creating That Extra Space Illusion

Mirrors are great at creating a feel of space. Often smaller rooms can be made to look much bigger simply by placing a mirror in a strategic place. It does not have to be a large mirror however the larger the mirror, the larger an illusion can be made. I have seen entire walls covered in mirrors to make a living space feel much bigger.

Decorative mirrors can be angled to shed and refract light and in different directions. Many art deco mirrors are great at doing this.

Mirrors To Add Light

Another feature of mirrors that people sometimes overlook is that they are excellent at cascading light around a room. If a room is dark and miserable it can be easily brightened up by cleverly placing a mirror where direct light can hit the mirror and then reflect around the room. It doesn't have to be sunlight, as placing a mirror near a decorative lamp would also work.

Caring For Mirrors

Mirrors can be easily hung and need little maintenance. Here is a quick tip on looking after them.

All mirrors should be cleaned using a soft cloth such as a micro fibre cloth. You can use mild soap and water or an anti-static polish. With mirrors such as shatterproof acrylic mirrors or any non-glass mirrors you are advised not to use glass or window cleaning products or any abrasive cloths as these can damage the reflective surface.

If you are putting mirrors on to a recently painted wall or ceiling, it is advised to wait at least two weeks for the paint to dry out completely,. If you don't then the mirrors may adhere to the paint and ruin your paint should you choose to later take down the mirror.

If using shatterproof acrylic mirrors then make sure that the mirror is placed on a flat surface or distortion may occur.

Thousands Of Designs Available

There are some fantastic mirror designs available. Just browse the web!