The Most Misused Scripture - Wilfully Misunderstanding The Words Of Jesus

Taking Things Out Of Context Only Makes Someone Look Dumb, or Hateful.

Taking quotes out of context and misrepresenting someone is a fine sport amongst pundits, politicians, and practically the whole human race.  Every time someone takes the opportunity to select that one thing said that seemed dodgy when separated from it's plot, who it was addressed to, and it's unique circumstances, is always an example of slander.

It's much easier to take something that you've heard and misrepresent it than it is to bother to try to find out the rest of the story.  It's a clear sign of not apathy, but something closer to antipathy when such things are done.

Of course the problem with humanity is that most of the time it's individual specimens have already determined what they believe to be true, and so having already formed a foundation, be it on sand or concrete, we tend to look at things from the seat of subjectivity and bias.  This is  just human nature, and I assure you that I am just as guilty of it as anyone else at times.  I'll bet that you are too.

No matter what though, taking a thing out of it's context and misrepresenting it to support your bias shows hatred of the person being quoted.

There isn't any chance of me changing the opinions of someone locked into the cycle of hatred towards theism.  Those persons don't have much happiness in their lives, and they won't until they can get a grip on reality, and reality is that the vast majority of the persons living and dead were and are theist of some sort or another, and that there isn't anything anywhere in this world of science worship that will or could ever change the fact can not and will never be able to do anything more than provide some modicum of answers to things while at the same time providing a million more questions that can not be answered.

Modern science most certainly can not disprove the validity of Judaism or Christianity - not in the least, and not at all.  Especially stupid are those high and mighty minded science lovers that don't know the first thing about literature.  It takes some real hatred to be so stupid, but it can be done, and is done often.

The Book Of Luke, Chapter 19, and Verse 27

This - Anti Theist LOVE To Forget Context - And Show You Their Lack Of Reading Skills With. Or More Likely, Their Absolute Bias and Hatred, Or Poorly Disguised Anti Semitism.

Luke 19:27 says the following in the NIV translation:

But those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them - bring them here and kill them in front of me

I guess to be perfectly honest here, I only recall two of my friends ever bringing out the above scripture to show their lack of comprehension of the Gospel of Luke, or the other three Gospels.  I very much love both of those individuals, and I think I was only really offended by the whole thing because I know them both to be far too smart to be taking things out of context so purposefully and so obviously.

I also must admit here that the first time a friend quoted this scripture - I myself was shocked, and didn't recall having ever read it before.  My reaction was something like, "surely that isn't in there!  No way!"  Oh, but the scripture is in there, alright, and I assume the reason why I never remembered reading it before is that it is obviously out of context.  So one friend asked me,

How can you say that the scripture wasn't meant to be taken literally!!

Well that is beyond simple - anyone that has read the entire book of Luke well knows that chapter nineteen and verse twenty seven wasn't meant to be taken literally.  It is absolutely no different from an uncle chiding a niece or nephew by saying something like, "do that again and I'll kill you!"  It is no different in the way that it isn't to be taken literally, it is different in that it is part of the paradigm of the manner of speech and techniques used by Jesus of Nazareth in relationship to his own disciples.  They never seemed to fully grasp the idea that their leader wasn't intent on taking power of Palestine and leading the Jewish people in the traditional worldly sense.  Jesus continually through "zingers" at his disciples to see if they'd caught on yet, and this was yet another one of them, and one of the final during his Earthly ministry in Palestine.

Of course the great hope, the assurance of the Christian is that they through Jesus can assume a position of balance, or paid debts with the universe, and thus when death does come, that they can feel as though they were let out of a prison.  The atheist with their lack of belief in anything save the material reality that we all know so well - are forever seeking condemnation upon those who believe in their own wrongdoings, and the fact that they need help to right themselves with their own wrongs in accordance with the laws of nature and beyond.

Why they forever love to take Jesus and the prophets out of context is then obvious - their great fear that they are missing out, and that their stubborness will cost them in the end, as it must.