Although breakfast is an important meal of the day and is necessary for obesity prevention and dietary quality, breakfast skipping is a common behavior. Skipping breakfast doesn't help to lose weight. How many times have you excused yourself of skipping this meal?

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Childhood and adolescence are important periods of body growth. Breakfast skippers during this period tend to increase. So, it is very important to acquire an adequate dietary habit since childhood and adolescence.

An analysis of breakfast habits of children was done in a study from Italy. Seventy eight percent of children usually had breakfast, but 22% reported skipping breakfast. Bakery products and milk were the most frquently consumed foods. In the family, mother was the chief decision maker, while father played very little part for the breakfast.

Mother's role

A high prevalence of overweight and obesity was found among non-breakfast consumer children. A high percentage of children relished candies, chips, nuts, hamburgers, sausages. Many din't consume vegetables at all. Another study confirmed association of glycemic potency of breakfast with positive influence on cognitive function of school children.

Misty missed her breakfast,
Now she's grumpy, tired and restless.
When the teacher started reading,
She said, "That's not what I'm needing!"
Then Misty began to mutter,
"I want two eggs, toast and butter." Author unknown

If breakfast skipping becomes the order of the day, who is to be blamed? Mornings are busy, pressure to reach on time, hardly time to gulp a bowl of cereal. If one misses this important meal, there is risk of adding up more pounds. Regular eaters tend to gain less compared to their counter parts. One reason may be that they're so hungry that they over eat at lunch and dinner. Recent research has shown that in fact a protein rich breakfast makes one feel full and helps to stick to a diet. Quick, easy, tasty, satisfying options should be sought to make a fast, healthy breakfast possible.

Yogurt with fruits

Yogurt can be a good option, as it provides bone building mineral, calcium. It is easily digestible and soothes stomach. Whole grain bread is another option which provides fiber, it slows digestion, prevents acute rise in blood sugar (contains no added sugar), fills stomach longer, so more satisfying. Just a handful of dried fruits and nuts are rich in vitamin A which is good for vision. Almond butter adds protein, provides bone strengthening calcium and phosphorus. Potassium rich bananas, omega-3-fatty acids rich walnuts are choices which can be a healthy start for the day. Antioxidants like vitamin E and selenium are present in sunflower kernels which give a crunch if added to yogurt smoothie, and if blueberries or any fresh fruit is chopped and added, creates a delicious, refreshing breakfast. Yes, now you're ready to face the challenges ahead! And your whole being is thanking you.....