A mission style living room combines comfort and elegance; history with modern clean lines; the masculine and the feminine. If your living room just seems like a plain white box add mission style decorating for interior design that is durable and easy to live with.

No mission style living room would be complete without mission living room furniture. This includes wood tables in a medium to dark stain that shows off craftsmanship. You'll need to shop at a furniture store or a flea market instead of a big box store so you can get actual wood instead of laminate. This style of furniture is versatile, so you can spend more money on it because it will last you for years. One of the characteristics of mission style furniture is the wood slatted design on the sides. You'll want to buy an entire set, no mixing and matching in this decorating theme. You may even be able to find a sofa with a slatted design on the sides. Look for western materials such as leathers for a couch or a fabric that mimics a southwestern blanket.

A mission living room should be effortless. Keep accessories and knick knacks to a minimum so the room doesn't feel forced. You can accent with useable items such as amber lamps, aloe vera plants and warm, wool throw blankets. The focus of the living room can be a chandelier. You can coordinate the chandelier with the entryway fixtures and even your outside lighting. Look for a chandelier that has opaque stained glass in neutral colors like golds, taupes or white. The glass shapes should be square instead of going with a more intricate stained glass fixture. You can repeat the subtle square pattern throughout the room. You may want to add thick wood molding around the windows and continue the treatment onto ceiling beams. This will give even a new home a casual architecture that is still interesting. You can spice up a fire place mantle by continuing the square molding treatment. Artwork should depict nature scenes. Look for more impressionistic artwork in bright colors that will bridge the gap between traditional and modern design.

Mission style bookcases can hide more contemporary items like the TV and electronics so it doesn't stand out too much from your theme. In traditional mission design the bookcases flank the fireplace and go half way up the wall. This creates an elegant and functional focal point in the room. If you don't have fireplaces in your space then use a series of bookcases to create the same effect.

A mission style living room is relaxed but still well designed. It feels both modern and traditional at the same time. It's neither cold nor too fussy and can work in a wide range of houses for a wide range of people. The simple layout can help a small room feel bigger while keeping the everyday function of the space.