Missoni Fashion House at Target: Bold Colors and Reasonable Prices / Italian Fashion Comes to Target

Have you heard about the Missoni for Target collection? It's so unbelievably popular that it crashed Target's website recently! Customer's have been waiting for this line, and now it's available. Admit it - sometimes shopping is so fun, it’s exhilarating! You find what you want, you find deals or great bargains, you find things that you forgot that you wanted and sometimes you even stumble on that perfect items that you didn’t even realize that you should be looking for, like the Missoni collection! But other times shopping at the mall, your favorite store, or online can be frustrating. You can’t find what you’re looking for, everything costs more than you wanted to spend, or each item had something about it that made it not good enough to buy. This can even start to take the fun out of shopping! That’s not good!  This frustrating shopping is bad enough throughout the year, but it better not happen with Black Friday sales or Cyber Monday deals when you're shopping for gifts for Christmas and the holidays! But every once in a while there is something that creates such a buzz that we become excited again! And Target has done that withMissoni for Target: Black Friday Sales and Cyber Monday Deals the Missoni Collection! The best part is that Target stores have been popping up all over the US in recent years, very often right near Walmart locations to compete. Now that the Missoni for Target Collection is finally here, we have a great reason to think that we will have a successful Black Friday, a fun Cyber Monday, and a great holiday shopping season!

The Missoni for Target collection is possibly the biggest collaboration with a design house that this department store has ever done. The massive collection includes about 400 pieces for sale including women’s clothing, men’s wear, children’s clothes, and a number of home and household items. The items are known for their bold colors and great patterns which can be introduced into your wardrobe and home style a little at a time! Missoni’s daughter told Target customers that even mixing these prints and patterns can be fun and very often works well, just consider using the same color combinations! Can't you use a splash of color in your world? I bet you know somebody who can!


For men they feature great ties, socks, hats, sweaters and more with great prints and designs!  In women’s clothing the Missoni for Target collection shines with sweaters, swim wear, sleep tops, skirts, socks, dresses, jackets, hosiery, and more. They come in a range of sizes from X-Small (0-2) to X-Large (16-18), and are reasonably priced. Many items in the Missoni for Target women’s collection have prices under $15 dollars, more under $25, a number under $50 and some under $99 dollars. You will find that bold splash of color for your wardrobe in your budget! Great for gifts too! 

The baby and kid’s bedding, as well as the baby girl’s clothing are also very popular. There are amazing cosmetic bags, as well as dinner and salad plates, cereal bowls, and tumblers for the kitchen. These bold patterns work throughout your home, so Missoni has designed Shower curtains, comforters, bath and hand towels, and a bedding collection. They even have Missoni laptop, iPhone and iPad cases and a great luggage collection. All the prices seem very affordable and economical:Missoni for Target: Black Friday Sales and Cyber Monday Deals, Bold Colors not too expensive for an Italian designer!


Founders Rosita Jelmini and Ottavio Missoni brought their fashion and color ideas together in 1953 when they launched their company from home! They feature “iconic Italian patterns” and a range of bold colors and textures. The Missoni for Target designer collection has a very unique 1960s Italian film aesthetic. Their American collaboration with Target features many of their classic graphics and prints.

For Target, collaborations like this are done to excite the customers with a new line, and to remain competitive against other big retailers like Walmart, Costco, Kmart, Sears, and others. In addition, with a number of Target stores introducing a greater variety of food items (including fresh, frozen, and refrigerated), they are going for a one-stop-shopping experience. Where else besides Walmart can you buy a TV, a sweater, and carrots in one stop!


Target launched the Missoni for Target collection nationwide in the US in September 13, 2011 to an “unprecedented demand”, especially on their target.com website! Here’s your Black Friday shopping mission, and the home of your cyber monday deals. There's something for everyone in your family, and great items for around the house. You could also make great Christmas gifts out of so many of these reasonably priced products. The Missoni for Target collection looks like shopping is going to be fun this year!