There are many ways to utilize your Google Analytics account. I recently wrote about how to "Use Google Analytics To Never Have Writers Block Again". Two additional ways to use Google Analytics is to track popular misspelled words in your articles and also finding which articles have the most reader interest by tracking the "Average Time On Site"

Misspelled Words and Search engine traffic

It's amazing how often we misspell words. Even after using spell checker and re-reading our articles sometimes we still get words misspelled into our articles that are published. Many times the only way I notice the misspelled word is when I am looking at my Google Analytics account to see what search terms people used to find my articles.

A recent example was when I wrote an article that dealt with former Notre Dame Coach "Charlie Weiss". In the article I accidentally misspelled his name one time as "Chaqrlie Weiss". When I looked at my Google Analytics account I realized that I had misspelled his name one time in the article. I will not edit the article to correct the spelling error because I am receiving traffic through Google. Multiple other people have accidentally typed Chaqrlie Weiss but when they also spell it wrong in their search then my article pops up.

We try to avoid misspelled words but when we do accidentally misspell a word and then you begin to receive search engine traffic from people who also misspelled a word then that is OK. Do not ever edit your article and fix a misspelled word if you are receiving search engine traffic from that misspelled word.

Average Time On Site

When you are looking at the search terms people used to find your articles you will also see a column that shows the average time on site. If you notice that certain types of articles have a high "avg time on site" then you know those articles are being read.

Many times people (including yourself) clink a link in the search results to an article and scan it real quick and then hit the "Back Space" button on their browser to go back to their search results. I have noticed that my college football articles are getting high rate of average time oi site. This means many of my articles on college football are actually being read and not just scanned.

By people actually reading these articles of mine they are more apt to bookmark my articles, share them on sites such as Twitter, and more importantly to actually click one of the Google Adsense ads or Chitika ads. And that is the main purpose of our job here on InfoBarrel. To make money. If people are taking the time too actually read your article then they are more apt to click on an ad.