Do you love having a hot tanned body? Most people do, but now people having growing concerns about skin cancer due to the sun's radiation. Fair enough, but there are artificial solutions to keeping your body looking hot and tanned. One of the best solutions is mist tanning. It's completely artificial, looks great, and prevents you from suffering skin cancer.

There are so many tanning products out there today. Some are good, some are absolutely horrible. The bad tanning solutions leave your skin looking blotchy or orange in colour. This is not a way to keep your body looking good. But, there is a good solution and that is using mist tanning. Mist tanning is probably the next best thing to actually using a tanning bed. Why expose your body to that UV light? When there are spray applications that look almost as good. Please at the very least stay away from lotions or tanning pills. That just sounds dangerous on its own.

Mist tanning is the fastest way to get a tan. It's great for people who have tight schedules and have little time for traditional tanning. Usually the application of a mist spray tan only takes a few minutes. The great looking tan usually lasts about 10 days, which is pretty good for a spray application. Also, because you are using a mist tanning applicator, the tan is absolutely even across your body and does not leave any pale skin exposed.

You can use a mist tanning method from a bottle or from a professional tanning salon. It's recommended that you go to the professionals to get a quality mist tanning product. Also, it's important that the spray mist is applied evenly across the skin. When you do the mist method on your own, you risk leaving skin exposed. You could also use a more inferior product, not giving you the proper pigmented tone. The best scenario is to do your first mist tanning at a tanning salon, then buy and use the salon's product on your own. Then you could just get a friend to help you apply the mist tan across your body evenly.

Using a mist tanning solution is so much better than lying out in the sun for hours. You only get one shot with your body and that sun can be deadly. If you do a lot of sun bathing, your sun will look damaged as you age. Mist tanning has the benefits of protecting your skin from damage from the sun. You'll age much smoother and better.