Being a parent, you want to do your best for the kids and sometimes, over a cup of coffee, you find yourself wondering am I making a mistake in the way I am raising my child? There are no cut and dry ways to actually raise a child, but as you know everyone has their opinions. There are child experts, family members, neighbors and even strangers who will critique and advice, even when you don't need another opinion. Which brings you to a strong realization that you need to mistake proof your parenting. Given that you are going it alone, here are some steps to make your parenting experience mistake proof.

Things You Will Need

* Kids
* Wise Parenting

Step 1

Live by example. Children in today's society are being inundated with commercials, products and even messages. Yet in their world, one place they see and hear on a daily basis are your actions. Doing the best that you can do will allow them to realize they need to do well too.

Step 2

Slow down your parenting and enjoy life. Way too often we catch ourselves on the fast train going way too quickly and enjoying less and less of our lives. When parenting a child make sure you slow down to enjoy a quality of life.

Step 3

Don't snap. This is easier said than done in stressful situations or when things go terrible wrong and you are on the short end of the stick. Instead of completely losing it in front of your kids, go into the bathroom, shut the door and lose it in there.

Step 4

Get some sleep. That would include you. Add up the stress and speed of life and you have a ticking time bomb when things go bad. With a clear head being that you were well rested, you can resolve issues without going overboard.

Step 5

Plan all the bigger stuff so you have a general idea of what you and the kids are doing. A routine for school, activities and even dinner can keep your parenting skills at a good level because the kids know what is expected of them.

Step 6

Be okay with the plans if they don't always work. Sometimes things don't work in your favor and rolling with it. A good parent keeps their chin up and keeps trying, even if that means the plans are burning in the background. Being a parent is an evolving process. Do the best you can and keep trying to better.

Tips & Warnings

Everyone's advice on parenting is nice, but usually it won't apply to your situation. Smiling and thanking the advice giver is easier than explaining why it just won't work.