iphone hulu

There are some important things to look for when getting a Hulu vpn.  I know, because I made a few mistakes my first time around.  I live in Germany, where I work for my brothers company - but I'm originally from America. I've been in Germany for about a year now, and although I like it, there are some things culturally different to what I'm used to, so I miss home sometimes.  However, this is not a blog post, I only mean to say that Hulu is great because I can keep up on American culture, and sometimes, when I don't feel like going out into the German world, I just flick on my Hulu vpn and I can watch Hulu in Germany!

So Hulu doesn't stream outside of the USA, but with a Hulu vpn, it's quite easily done. Sorry Hulu, I know you've got to worry about ownership rights and all that, but I really like watching Hulu!  Downloading the Hulu vpn takes just about ten minutes and installation is quite easy.  Because I watch Hulu on my iPad quite a bit, installing and turning on the vpn is a simple press of this and that type process. Nothing where you have to call in the computer pro's to get you set up.

So the mistake I made the first time with my Hulu vpn is that I bought one with limited bandwidth.  I didn't really understand it at the time, but the more TV you watch, the more bandwidth you use. I was watching Hulu every day and before the month was up I had used up my Hulu vpn bandwidth capacity and got cut off!

The other mistake I made with my Hulu vpn is that I didn't read enough user reviews. This isn't a big deal, but I feel like I could have gotten a better vpn for a cheaper price. I was paying ten dollars a month and the Hulu vpn I got was just average.  Some places are doing basically the same with cool features (like Astrill).  I've already signed up for the year, so I'll have to wait until next year to switch.

The great thing about having a Hulu vpn is that I can watch all my favourite shows like Family guy and I'm really looking forward to Hanna when it comes out in the next couple weeks!  I'm sure German TV is great for Germans, but believe me, I don't understand a thing!  I'll take my good ol' American TV with Hulu anyway.  So if you are in a situation similar to mine, I hope you can learn from my mistakes when you watch Hulu with a vpn.