Planning a trip to Las Vegas should be a lot of fun. If you have never been to Las Vegas before, or if it has been a few years, then you can still properly plan a fun vacation to Las Vegas. Here are some things NOT TO DO when planning your Las Vegas vacation.

Strip Only Properties

One of the things people tend to do when they are planning a vacation to Las Vegas is to only consider staying at a hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. You may also want to highly consider staying in a downtown Hotel Casino located on the Fremont experience.

The Downtown area can be a lot of fun. You may also choose to stay in yet another part of Las Vegas such as out by the Boulder Highway at a hotel casino such as Sam's Town or Boulder Station. Regardless of where you stay, Las Vegas is an extremely easy town to get around in, even without a vehicle.

Depending on what you want to do, there is a great chance that a downtown property on Fremont Street will exceed everything that the Strip properties can provide. The 4 Queens, The Plaza Hotel and Casino, and the recently remodeled El Cortez Hotel and casino are all properties you want to consider when booking reservations for the downtown Las Vegas area.

Every Moment Booked
Many people when booking their first trip to Las Vegas will have every moment planned. They have each day meticulously planned. The problem is, In Las Vegas anything can happen. You will see unexpected sites, or be out a lot later then expected gambling, drinking, or just enjoying the sites.

You may only schedule an hour at Hoover Dam, but wish you could stay for a few more hours and then go to the Hoover Dam Museum, but you can't because you have reservations for a dinner and show.

Go ahead and plan your days out, but do not over plan. Leave plenty of free time available and make your schedule extremely flexible. If you see a cool attraction and decide you want to spend more time there, then you can. If you spot seafood buffet on Friday night you want to try then you can, because you're able to be flexible.

Don't over plan each minute of your Las Vegas vacation, remain flexible, and you will have more fun with a lot less stress while visiting Las Vegas, Nevada.

Wrong Season
Many Travel agents and Las Vegas experts insist that you should not visit Las Vegas in July and August. The daytime temperatures can easily each 100 degrees or higher each day.

While summer time temperatures can be a turnoff to some Las Vegas visitors, it shouldn't be for many others. If you travel to Las Vegas during the extreme high temperatures of the Summer time you can save a lot of money on Hotel rates. The hot summer months in Las Vegas are generally considered to be off peak traveling times. By traveling in the high heat summers of Las Vegas you can get some great hotel rates and vacation packages if you are willing to book in advance.

Traveling to Las Vegas at the height of the summer heat does not affect everyone. Sure the temperatures are hot but if you are simply gambling, attending shows, and other indoor activities you will have the air conditioned coolness available to you.

In the evening time if you want to visit the Fremont Experience you still can. The evenings are a bit cooler but if you do get hot you can easily step into one of the many casinos that are next to each other on the Fremont Experience.

Lack of Research
Many people plan on going to Las Vegas on their vacation and automatically assume they will be drinking alcohol, eating buffets, picking up on women (or men), and gambling. Many Las Vegas visitors will do some or all of those activities while on vacation, but there is so much more to the Las Vegas Valley.

There are many fun activities to do in Las Vegas. Some of the things you can do while in Las Vegas include:
Renting a bicycle and riding to Red Rock Canyon
Countless Museums including the world famous Pin Ball Museum
Get your picture took with Elvis down on the Fremont Experience
Rock Climbing in Red Rock Canyon
Snow Sledding at Mount Charleston in the Winter Months
Visit the Neon Museum

There are so many activities to do in Las Vegas that involve stuff other then drinking and gambling.

Book Online
If you are planning a trip to Las Vegas then try out travel websites such as Expedia and Travelocity to research out prices. You can also use to check the prices at multiple travel websites.

If you main goal is to travel to Las Vegas on a cheap vacation, then remain flexible. Sometimes if you leave a day or two later then originally planned and then remain an extra day or two you can sometimes save hundreds of dollars on your vacation to Las Vegas.

Direct Flight
Many people check the prices for airline tickets to Las Vegas by searching for direct flights. Instead of looking only for direct flights, look for the cheapest tickets. You may end up flying from Salt Lake City, Utah to Burbank, California, and then to Las Vegas.

New Things
Keep your mind open while visiting Las Vegas and be willing to see and experience new things. A first time visitor has the chance to cement the vacation of a lifetime, as long as you remain flexible, book cheap, and visit areas off the Strip, such as the Fremont Experience.

There are many mistake people make when planning a trip to Las Vegas. If you are willing to be flexible then you should have a great vacation. DO not get stuck on what other people think. For some people the Bellagio or Excalibur is the best Hotel Casino for them. For others they may prefer a classic downtown Hotel Casino such as the Four Queens or The Plaza Hotel Casino. Other people prefer yet another part of Las Vegas and will book there reservations at a Hotel Casino such as Sam's Town. Regardless of where you choose to stay, make sure it is the right place for you and that you are not staying at a particular property simply because your friends thinks it is cool.