The thought of looking for a job can make some people shudder at the prospect. Perhaps it is because of the possibility of being rejected. Nobody likes rejection. It can cause loss of confidence and doesn’t help in boosting one’s self-esteem. However, people are inadvertently making lots of mistakes when looking for a job; mistakes that can be easily avoided. The following is a list of ten common mistakes that people make when looking for a job. If you want that job, avoid making the same mistakes.

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1. Imperfect resume

You must know that the person in charge of hiring in a company gets hundreds, perhaps thousands of resumes from applicants. As such, he has no time to read imperfect resumes that are filled with typographical and grammatical mistakes. If you don’t submit a perfect resume, you will find that you won’t even be called for an interview instead your résumé would probably be thrown into the waste bin.

2. Limiting your job search

You want that job in  that company and won’t settle for anything lesser. If you have this attitude when job hunting, you’d probably be unemployed for a long time. Consider other related jobs in other companies too and your chances of being hired by one of these companies would be better.

3. Sending out applications to unrelated jobs

If you don’t have any qualification to be a graphic designer, why apply for the job? Apply for jobs that you have qualifications for. Nobody is going to hire a person with an Economics degree to do an architect’s job.

4. Focussing only on online job search

It’s true that a lot of companies are going online looking for potential employees. It’s only natural that you would join sites like Monster and HotJob, but don’t get too excited about getting a job this way. You should also be scouting offline sources to find jobs. It doesn’t mean that you’ve listed your name on these websites, you’ll be inundated with job offers. Widen your job search and you’ll have better chances of landing your dream job. Use both online and offline sources to ensure your success in getting a job.

5. Not getting your story straight

There is a chance that you may have to be interviewed  by different people from the same company. When you go to the various interviews, make sure you tell the same story. Don’t ever tell different stories to different interviewers. They will compare your stories and if you don’t get your story straight, you might not get the job.

6. Insult your ex boss

Never ever say anything negative about your ex employer. He may have been a bad boss and a slave-master who is an idiot but never say anything bad about him. This will not be received well by your future employer. The interviewer might think that if you say anything bad about another person behind his back, you will also do the same to him.

7. Underdress

Dress in a manner that is suitable. If possible, before the day of the interview, pay a visit to the company and observe the way the employees are dressed. Dress accordingly when attending the interview. If you come in jeans and a dirty shirt, it will not reflect well on you.

8. Overdress

Being overdress is also unacceptable. Coming with heavy makeup and strong perfume would turn off the interviewer and you will probably not be shortlisted.

9. Showing desperation

If you seem desperate to get the job, you might not display the sort of attitude that the interviewer is looking for. You don’t want the interviewer to think that you’re applying for the job because you can’t have any other job. You want the interviewer to think that you will be a great addition to the company and that you will contribute to the company’s bottom line. You don’t want the interviewer to think that you consider working for the company as a means to buy your next meal. If you do feel desperate for the job, hide it carefully from the interviewer.

10. Skin accessories

Tattoos, piercings and other skin accessories are not what you want to display to your interviewers. If you have tattoos, hide them and you should also take off your nose piercings or eyebrow piercings. These things don’t reflect well on you.

It’s unusual for you to get the dream job at your first interview so don’t get too depressed if you don’t receive the call back or the acceptance letter in your mailbox. Job hunting is tough but you should always hope for the best but always be willing to expect the worst. Giving up too early in your job hunting will not help you land the job.

Even though job hunting is a difficult task, it doesn’t need to be an impossible task to accomplish successfully. What you need to do is to avoid making the above ten mistakes.