Owning a pet can be a wonderful thing.  However, pet owners also have huge responsibilities.  There are many mistakes to avoid when raising a dog.  Making sure you avoid these points below are very important if you want an obedient pet.


Allowing Your Dog Table Scraps

When you give your furry companion scraps from the table, it is inviting them to dine with you during your next meal.  Whenever they smell the delicious food coming from your plate, you can bet that they will be right there just waiting for you to drop the next piece.  If you do want to give them leftovers, be sure to feed them in their bowl in the feeding area.


Letting Your Dog Be the BossDogCredit: Morgue File

Yes, of course the cute furry friend next to you is adorable, but don’t let him be in charge.  If you have rules, keep them.  If you said that animals were not allowed to be on the couch, don’t give in to him.  Remember that no means no.  Dogs are very smart animals and when they know you have given in, they will remember it next time.  Act like the owner, not equal to them.

Another point to this is make sure you are walking your companion, not the other way around.  There are so many people that allow their pup to run up in front while the pets are literally dragging their owners.  In obedience school you will learn to walk your pet on the left hand side so their shoulder bone lines up with your knee.  If they are too far in front of you, they will end up walking you.

It is also important that you are not afraid to discipline your companion.  It is silly to think that your dog may hold a grudge against you if you yell at them.  However, this is what many owners think.  In order for your furry friend to behave appropriately it is going to take some time and discipline.  If you do not discipline your pet, you could end up with one out of control who thinks that he is the boss.


Ignoring Ring Worm and Ticks

So many owners do not make it a priority to prevent ring worm and ticks in their pets.  There are many preventive medications you can use to do this.  Ring worm can be spread from animals to humans, so it is important to prevent or take the necessary steps to get rid of it before you get it.  

Also, ticks can be very deadly.  If you find your pet tick infested, get the tick off, making sure you get the head and take them to the vet.  They could be at risk for Lyme disease or other harmful problems.  Tick collars, tick sprays and a tick preventive oil called Front Line are a few ways to prevent ticks from crawling all over your pup.  If your dog is showing symptoms after being bit by a tick, there are tests that they can run to make sure your dog is still healthy.


Yelling at Your Dog Too Late After an Accident

Since we cannot be perfect, accidents happen to both animals and humans.  When you are gone at work all day and come home to find an accident on your floor, you cannot scold your dog about an accident they had so many hours ago.  Dogs do not have as good of memories as humans so they may not remember what they did.  If you catch your cute pet in the act of having an accident on the floor, you should put their nose close to it while sternly yelling, “NO!”  However, if you don’t see it happen it is probably too late.  Instead of yelling, praise your pet and reward him for using the outside to do his business.


Making a Big Deal About Coming and Going

When you make a big deal about leaving and coming home, it seems like such a big deal to your dog.  Giving your dog too much attention during inappropriate times is harmful.  It can cause separation anxiety in your pet and unnecessary barking and pacing back and forth.


Giving Your Dog Cheap Food

There are so many drawbacks to giving your dog cheap food.  The health benefits in quality dog food are amazing and you can bet you will be giving your dog an amazing opportunity to be healthy.  Yes, quality dog food can be expensive, but in the long run it will save you a fortune on vet costs as your dog will likely be very healthy.


Giving Your Dog Too Much Alone TimeDoggyCredit: Morgue File

Chaining your dog outside and giving them too much free time by themselves can be very damaging for your loving pet.  Dogs need social interaction and a lot of time with people.  If your pet is mostly an outdoor dog, be sure to take him for a walk and play with him often.  You want to make sure your cute pup has proper play time with people or even other dogs.


Not Allowing Enough Alone Time

If you have kids, this one may be hard for your family.  However, it is extremely important that you set up an area for your pet to relax in.  Whether it is their kennel or crate with a cozy blanket, or a dog bed in the corner of the room, they need somewhere they can go to get away if they feel they are around too much commotion and need a break from it all.


Adopting a New Pet Just Because

The last, but most important point on mistakes to avoid when raising a dog is to never adopt any animal just because you are bored and feel like doing it one day.  You should give it a lot of time and thought, carefully examining your expenses before your bring a new pet into your family's life and your home.  If you cannot provide your dog with the home that they deserve, then it is best not to bring them home until you are absolutely 100% positive you can do so.

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