If you are suffering from a medical condition which prevents you from working and is expected to last for at least a year or may result in your death, you are entitled by the law to apply for Social Security disability benefits. These benefits are given through two programs, namely the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

However, you should first meet the different requirements imposed by the Social Security Administration (SSA) before it provides you with financial support. You will reduce your chances of receiving disabilities if you commit one of these mistakes:

  • Backing out- Backing out will obviously prevent you from receiving disabilities benefits. The credits you have earned while you are still working will be wasted if you give up easily. If your initial application was rejected, you are still allowed to file an appeal in order to reverse the agency's original decision.
  • Delays in filing a request for an appeal- You can ask for an appeal by submitting a written request to the agency within 60 days after receiving your rejection letter. Here are the different levels of appeals:
    1. Reconsideration
    2. Hearing
    3. Review to be conducted by the Appeals Council
    4. Fling a case with the federal court
      • Missing your deadlines- If SSA orders you to go to its office or submit important records, should do it immediately. Being complacent will only lessen the chances that your application will be approved. In order to avoid missing the deadline, you should prepare all the documents needed beforehand so that you will not waste time looking for them.
      • Filing another application when your old one was rejected- You do not need to file another application if the SSA rejected your initial application. Instead, you can just ask the agency to grant an appeal. If you want to have a higher chance of receiving disability benefits, you can gather additional documents which will be presented during the appeal.
      • Giving false medical documents or information- Trying to mislead SSA into believing that you are qualified for disability benefits will only cause different problems. Once the agency determined that you are being untruthful, it may impose sanctions or prohibit you from receiving benefits.
      • Not acquiring legal assistance from a Los Angeles disability lawyer - You should avoid doing everything on your own, especially if you do not know the all the requirements and expectations of the agency. A skilled lawyer will help you have a successful SSDI or SSI application by gathering and compiling documents which show that you are qualified to receive disability benefits.