Misting systems are a cost-effective and efficient alternative to large HVAC units or other cooling technology. These systems work indoors and out, required little electricity and few moving parts, and are simple to install and operate. The only requirements are electricity and a water supply. Usually, a garden hose is adequate for bringing water to the system. Misting fans and other systems help make a hot day less of a drag at any outdoor event. After all, hot summer days are not only uncomfortable, for some people they can be downright dangerous.

A patio misting system is relatively easy to install – no technical expertise is necessary. An ordinary water hose connects to the master pump. This pump forces water through the misting hoses at 1,200 psi or more. When the water is forced out of the tiny nozzles, it’s only 1 to 3 microns in diameter. These tiny droplets evaporate almost immediately, so nothing will actually get wet. In a process known as evaporative cooling, the air temperature is reduced because of the evaporation. Depending on the relative humidity, a patio mister can reduce the temperature by 20 to 30 degrees. 

Misting fans help transport cooled air to the areas that need it. Small fans rely on just the pressure from a water hose and cool a small area. They’re ideal for a small patio in a residential backyard. Higher-pressure fans require a pump, but they can cool a much larger area. Misting fans serve a dual purpose – not only do they provide evaporative, they also get the air moving, which adds to the cooling effects. Professional sports teams that play outdoors often use powerful misting fans on warm days.

Outdoor venues in hot climates benefit the most from a robust misting system. Restaurants are typical commercial clients for these systems, but ordinary people can install them as well. When shopping for a patio mister, points to consider are the general climate of the area and desired coverage (in square feet). A patio misting consultant can work with customers to determine the most beneficial arrangement of nozzles and fans.

A misting tent is a reasonable option when portability is an important factor. Misting tents can be set up and taken down in a matter of minutes, providing cooling relief at a wedding reception, family gathering, community picnic, tailgate party, or anywhere else where people are exposed to the sun and heat. Tents provide cooling not only from the mist, but also from the shade, which is a big benefit when the sun is blazing overhead. A misting tent needs only a conventional water hose to function. No bulky pump is required. These tents can reduce the apparent temperature by as much as 20 degrees.

Misting systems make the outdoors comfortable, no matter the weather. They’re inexpensive, easy to set up and maintain, and cost very little to operate. The best feature of misting systems is that they can adapt to any space, large or small.