Mitashi TFD 7607 Portable DVD Player

The latest developments in technology enables you entertain yourself wherever you go. Laptops, tablets and other high-end mobile devices are some products of that kind. Watching movies or your favorite video clips on- the-road can be done with Mitashi TFD 7606 portable DVD player , too. This player screws the user with its delightful design and features. Light-weight, handiness and a 7” wide swivel screen are some of the unique characteristics that make it suitable for outdoor entertainment.

As I’m a music lover, I spend a lot of time listening to music. Watching the video clips of my favorite artists’ performances became an inevitable part of my life. At this time I bought Mitashi TFD 7607 and since two years, it has been helping me to engage myself in my hobbies.


  • 7” wide screen
  • Built-in musical speakers
  • Supports SD/MMC/MS card
  • Supports USB2.0
  • Stereo audio output
  • Composite video output
  • PAL/NTSC playback
  • Multi-language OSD
  • Multi format disc supporting: MP3/MPEG4/JPEG

 The Mitashi TFD 7607 is very light in weight, about 1kg with a user-friendly design. The 7” wide screen won’t cause much eye strain unlike that of tablets and mobile phones. The swiveling feature makes it possible to view the picture from any angle. USB 2.0 port enables the use of flash drives too. With the stereo and composite video, the exact feel of watching a movie can be got from this player. Handling it with care can make it durable, entertaining you with its multiple features for a long time.


  • AV cable
  • AC adapter
  • Earphone
  • Remote control
  • Car cord

The built in lithium-ion battery can be charged full using the AC-adapter by plugging it for about 4-5 hours. For about 2 hours it can be played uninterrupted and after that it needs charging. Car cord enables the battery to get charged while moving in a car. The built in anti-skip circuitry helps the user to watch screen plays without any skip, when the car hits a bump.  AV cable allows connectivity with TV. Earphones let you listen to your favorite songs without disturbing others.

You can perform functions similar to that of a desktop player using a remote control. The remote control provides easy navigation through the files in this unit. It consists of a small lithium battery inserted on the back side. The battery has a life of 1 year and after that it needs to be replaced. Mitashi TFD 7607 portable DVD player is a perfect entertainer in all aspects and I like it.