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- Brandon Jones is a boxing expert and excellent trainer.
- All of the workouts are shown in video so it's easy to follow.
- You can lose a lot of body fat with this plan.
- Comes with a 60 day money back guarantee
- Improves physical ability, not just your appearance
- Helps you develop strength and durability


- May not be right for beginners.
- May require an adjustment period on your part.

Full Review

The Blackjack Mitt Cons program is a Mitt Conditioning fitness plan created by boxing trainer Brandon Jones. It's an online video training plan that takes you through the same workouts and routines that real boxers go through to get in shape.

It's called Blackjack because of how the program is formatted: There are 3 levels of difficulty on this program: beginner, intermediate, and advanced, each with its own set of workouts. Each level takes 21 days to graduate from (and you can do them over of course). The length of 21 days per workout is what gives the BlackJack Program its name.

Unlike "so called" cardio boxing programs that you may find from time to time, this program isn't just simulating boxing training, it is actual boxing training. This means that the benefits of the program may include:

- Developing greater striking power
- Improving burst cardio ability
- Burning a massive amount of body fat
- Boosting your metabolism
- Improving recovery time between workouts
- Getting a fighter like physique

The Mitt Cons program is not your regular fitness plan. You may find that this program is challenging your body in ways which a gym workout simply can't. The results can also be quite different as you will build lean muscle and functionality, not just bulk up.

In Closing

Mitt Cons is an intriguing program. This is not just your ordinary fitness plan. You need to decide whether you're up for this challenge and whether you really want to take it on. Doing the Blackjack Mitt Con program can prove to be a whole new way for you to train your body but it requires determination on your part. You decide.