Leather Kindle Cover

The Benefits of an Amazon Kindle:

The first generation Amazon kindle was released in August 2007 with wild success and popularity. It sold out in the first five and a half hours and Amazon couldn't keep a stock of them until April of 2008. The popularity of portable electronic readers has grown rapidly since then because of the lightweight and portable design, their "easy on the eyes" e-ink display, and the fact that they are searchable with the click of a button. Not to mention they save at least thousands of tons of paper that would have otherwise been used to make paper books. Additionally, you are much more likely to read if you are always carrying around such a lightweight device that stores thousands of pounds worth of traditional books.

Types of Amazon Kindle Covers and Sleeves:

There are basically two types of amazon kindle covers. The first is a book like cover which looks like the cover of a traditional hardcover book. Many kindle leather covers like the Mivizu sleek amazon kindle leather case use this type of design. Traditional amazon book covers take the shape of a traditional book by attaching the kindle on the inside of the back flap, and the front flap opens and closes to protect the screen. Many people consider this the ideal form factor because it makes the kindle easier to read with two hands. Additionally you can place it more conveniently in your lap like a real book. However the "book flap" style kindle leather cover is not limited to opening side to side. The Mivizu sleek amazon kindle leather case uses the same design but turns it 90 degrees to give you the same protection with a very convenient table top stand position. With this type of amazon kindle cover, you can read your kindle 3 hands free while sitting back comfortably in a chair.

The second type amazon kindle cover is a "sleeve" type. This type of kindle leather cover is ultra thin and lightweight, but still provides adequate screen protection. Amazon kindle covers like the BUILT Neoprene Kindle Sleeve are designed to protect your kindle without adding too much bulk to it. Some people like to feel the actual kindle when reading it, so a sleeve allows them to slide it in and out of it's case easily when needed. The downside, is that it's possible to loose the case when it is not in use since it's not attached to the kindle itself.

The Mivizu Sleek Amazon Kindle Leather Case:

The Mivizu sleek Amazon kindle leather case is engineered with ultra slim fitting technology to give you protection from scratches dirt and grime, without adding bulk to the device. It features 100% genuine leather, and a safe snap design that ensures your kindle leather cover will not accidentally open. It has holes cut out in the appropriate locations for the power switch and other controls, however you must remove the kindle from it's case to charge it. Available in a variety of colors and styles the Mivizu sleek Amazon kindle leather case is the perfect cover to protect your amazon kindle for years to come.