Create a Travel Wardrobe In 5 Easy Steps

5 Easy steps and you're on your way!

When it comes time for vacation packing, many of us fill with dread wondering what to take, often we end up packing way too much.

But it is not so difficult. You just break it down into five simple steps and take them one at a time...

Step 1. Check the Weather. Will it be hot, cold, snow, burning heat? Know before you start packing will help you choose. .

Step 2. Choose your base color. This is the main step to help your travel wardrobe come together quickly.  Navy, black? Perhaps tan? Most of your selected pieces will be in this base color. It is the easiest way to mix and match. 

Step 3. Select your highlight color. The more pieces around this color the easier it will be to pack. Select your favorite color, coral, pink, or green? Mixing and matching is very easy when your colors are in the same palette. 

Step 4. Select some shoes, but not too many! Walking a lot? Avoid heels and stick with comfortable shoes. Select neutral colors to match the rest of your travel wardrobe. You will need at least two pairs of shoes - it's best not to wear the same shoes more than one day at a time.  Ooh, and make sure you don't break in new shoes on vacation.   Sore feet are the last thing you will need!

Step 5. And finally, grab your accessories.  Accessories don't take up a lot of room in your packing. A scarf will change the look of an outfit instantly. Inexpensive costume jewelery is best if you are packing checked luggage.

Remember these five simple steps and you will have your vacation packing finished in an instant!  And it's not just for women, the five same steps apply to men and children as well!