Mixed Martial Arts or MMA as it is most commonly known is a full contact fighting sport which uses lots of different fighting techniques such as wresting, brazilian jiu jitsu, muay thai kickboxing, judo and boxing to name just a few of the fighting styles required to compete in this sport. These fights are usually contested in a ring or cage. The fight start standing and not only are you allowed strikes standing, but you are allowed to take the other fighter to the ground for submissions and ground and pound. Different MMA organizations use different rules, such as elbowing a downed opponent is allowed in some organizations whilst it isn't in others.

Mixed Martial Arts as been around for many centuries, but Modern MMA as we know it today, came on the scene in 1993 at the Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC as it is most popularly known today. At the first UFC event, the rules were totally different than they are today. Number one you fought the fights bare fisted, were as today the fighters wear 4 ounce fingerless gloves. Number two there were no weight classes, you had fighters over 300 pounds fighting fighters that weighed in at only 170 pounds. Whilst these rules were fun to watch in the early days, the sport quickly got itself a bad name. With names such as human cock fighting hitting the headlines. Many states across the US quickly banned the sport, so for it to grow rules had to be made that would make the fights much safer.

During the early years of modern MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was the most effective weapon in a fighters arsenal, with a fighter called Royce Gracie winning quite a few of the early UFC competitions. This guy was giving away a lot of weight and still winning fights via submissions. This was because quite simply fighters were not trained on how to avoid these submissions. The Gracie family today is still regarded as the number one for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. But there methods are not as effective in today's MMA world, fighters quickly learnt that with a strong American wrestling background you could effectively defend against the Gracie Jiu Jitsu. Just like Matt Hughes showed when he fought the legendary Royce Gracie.

To be successful in today's modern MMA, you need good Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, good wrestling and a good stand up game. There are MMA fighters that are very successful with just having one strong point. But these fighters are quickly found out with fighters coming up with game plans to defeat them.

Mixed Martial Arts exploded onto the scene, following the final of the Ultimate Fighter 1 season finale between Forest Griffin and Stephan Bonner. This fight was an exciting bloodbath, that contributed to the sport exploding almost overnight. New fans were popping up all over the world. The UFC brand of MMA, took the brand global and have held events all over the world in places such as England, Ireland, Germany, Australia and most recently at UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi.

Its not only MMA that has took off, MMA clothing is big business too, with almost every fight fan wanting to own the newest Walk Out t-shirt. Brands such as Silver Star and Affliction are bringing out new t-shirts almost every month and MMA fight fans just can not get enough of them. Mixed Martial Arts is regarded as the fastest growing sport in the world and if you sit down and watch a few events you will quickly know why. Fights are shorter than boxing, so if a fight is boring it quickly ends. Fights cards are bigger and more stacked, you have excellent fights month after month. Boxing has maybe one or two big fights a year and the under card fights usually suck.