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Mo pai - the secret super-human art of 72 levels

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Mo pai: Introduction

The word “pai” means lineage and so “mo pai” is a kung fu lineage. Mo pai is a system of 72 levels, which includes a lot of meditation and nei kung exercises and methods. According to one source there is only one master of mo pai at present who is the student of Lao sifu, a master who is no longer living.

Mo pai is an extremely secretive art and it is very difficult to find any information about the different 72 levels or even just some lessons to start with. There are also no masters teaching mo pai as it is strictly forbidden among their circle. The most famous information on mo pai comes from the videos of John Chang (not his real name) on YouTube, which are truly amazing to watch. There is also only one western student, Jim McMillan, that we know of who was able to become the student of John Chang.

In my research I have also found references of people selling the manual for mo pai for large sums

of money $450-$1,650 and people who are interested very much in mo pai actually considering to pay the sum for the slim chance that the manual could be genuine. So you can see the interest in mo pai is huge.

Apparently, mo pai is such a powerful art that in the wrong hands it can lead to disastrous consequences, which is why it is kept so secret, however, through research I was able to find the following guidelines for people who want to start developing themselves in this secretive art.

Mo pai: Beginner guidelines

Start by getting to know your own body a lot better. Study yourself. Find a quiet time, take a comfortable position and pay attention to all the signals your body is giving you. The first thing you will learn to be aware of is blood flow. Start attempting to feel how the air is entering your body and how it is moving inside your body. The purpose is to become a lot more sensitive than we normally are and become aware of the position of your organs, bones, muscles, fluids. You must become aware of what is going on in your body. If you can not sense the energy then you will have a hard time directing it.


This does take a very long time generally speaking. Naturally some people will be able to relax sooner than others and learn sooner, but people generally develop themselves over years. That said, if you never start you will never get anywhere.

It is also important to conserve your sexual energy. There is a massive loss of energy when people relieve themselves through a sexual act or self pleasure and it takes a long time for this energy to get replenished to be used again. Instead, imagine this energy rising to your head and going back down along your spine nourishing all the cells and organs in your body. It also takes a long time attempting to do this until you start actually feeling the energy.

Mo pai: Videos

John Chang video

John Chang chopstick demonstration

John Chang's 1st Western Student ( Neigong / Nei Kung / Telekinesis )



Aug 9, 2012 4:44pm
First thing first , No sex or masturbating and if so wait three days before resuming practice. For woman do not practice three days before and after a period this may be hard to track due to your lack of internal studies and balanced diet\lifestyle, the sex rule still applies and if you 19re taking birth control do not bother with this practice your better off just being a slave to society with the rest of the sheep or you could change your life goals but I would wait four seasons before even starting this practice after quieting birth control, it might not seem fair for woman but you have to realize YOU CAN BARE LIFE that is why your are different, men are simple because there are balls of muscle designed to protect you and your your child, it 19s like comparing dirt to a tree. If you break this rule you better hope you 19re doing everything else wrong, it can go as far as stroke,heart attack or slow\fast death at extremes.

Now forget everything your hippy friend taught you:

1) There can be no synthetic materials between you and the earth, that means no yoga mattes or most cushions even you 19re under ware might not be 100% cotton and even then, they are often coated with formaldehyde. Think hard about what is under you, it makes all the difference.

2) Position is somewhat trivial, optimal is thumb to pointer finger touching/half or full lotus but it is possible to advance even if you have no arms or legs, it all makes a small difference at first. With five solid years of practice under your belt it will be a different story and you will know. And the man with no legs or arms will be able to cope as well. It 19s all a matter of closing a circuit so there is a vary little loss of energy.

3) Meditation is one of the biggest money wasting misconceptions, your are wired to meditate and you do it all the time, some examples are day dreaming, pooping, listening to music, that lack of thinking when you wake up, sleeping, walking, driving Etc. Pretty much you are not meditating when you are likely talking or in a high state of action. The real trick is focus, and that is a separate ball game all to together. Imagine getting your picture taken for instance, the camera man says 1Ccheese 1D and you have already been meditating without knowing it, then you shift your focus from 1Cwhen is this guy going to say (say cheese) to me 1D to smiling, witch lasts maybe three seconds before the smile starts to look fake, that is your focus moving to some other topic related to the situation or not. You can see the focus moving on the person face. Some cultures seen this more as ones soul 26 and maybe there right. So you can consider meditation as a vehicle and focus is the crazy brat in the back seat. As a side note focus can be split many ways simultaneously.
Now when ready check 1,2 and sit /meditate then focus on your Dan Tien, this is an obscure area that you wont feel for some time, reverse breath to start packing energy into that general area, when there is a good deal of energy packed their day to day you will feel hints of it , as you progress so shall it. You 19re going to be in the 20-300 hour of practice range to notice it, you 19re going to be in the 200-800 hour range of practice to fill it. Do it at whatever pace you feel like(10 mins a day to 24 hours a day) it 19s your art form at that point and your body. If something hurts lay off somewhat, like anything you do. And simply put 1. is Grounding 2. is closed circuit 3. is Generating\capacitating 13 This is Level One and it should keep you busy for 1-7 years or 200-800 hours ruffly and the result is good health, supernatural powers for lack of a better term would be about 9-80 years off from that point so you might want to just keep adding nonsensical thoughts to forums instead of ever doing anything with your life, and yes that is a challenge.
P.S By the time you 19re done Level One, Level Two will be as public as this if your one of those people that cannot be fulfilled by taxes and concrete
Sep 3, 2012 3:10am
thank you a lot for given level one!please write level two,three and four.if you can from moment to moment post other level of the mo pai tradition it will be of great healp!
Sep 1, 2015 5:46pm
Hello sir, where did you learn this ?
Aug 11, 2012 4:18am
Thank you very much for taking the time to write that.
Its hard, but with time and determination it is doable.
Sep 24, 2012 1:08am
Question. first I am quite thankful for your insight regarding Mo Pai. I hope you can understand my skepticism from the source of your comment/level one guide. Where have you learned/practiced Mo Pai? I mean no disrespect when I state this next line. For me, it is just hard to take seriously an explanation of a very respectable sacred martial art of inner power from the words of a disrespecting mouth. In the words of Kosta donoas 1CI believe that we are too finite to judge the actions and intentions of the infinite. 1D P68 from Nei Kung the Secret. Teachings. There is nothing supernatural about this art in fact. Just nature undiscovered to the population
Sep 24, 2012 2:22am
Perhaps I should not have said anything. For that i am sorry. Much love my earthly brother.
Sep 30, 2012 12:34pm
@ hardCypher
I was trying to get in contact with you to get more advice / guidance from you - if possible please accept my friend request so I can speak with you or give me an email I can email you on. Thank you.

@ Achraf
It seems from my research that level 1 is either leaking out or being allowed to share, but there is practically no information on level 2 and above. Still, I imagine serious people would accomplish level 1 first which can take up to 2 years perhaps and then with that knowledge perhaps it will be easier to get more teaching.

@ jtpayne
Although I think you did not want to be rude - for me personally your statement sounded rather rude. For me I am happy to read from as many sources as possible the guidance and I can see that for level 1 what was described by hardCypher matches my other research. It is 100% ok to be skeptical, but sometimes just doing is the only way to find out for real.

Thanks to all for comments.
Sep 1, 2015 7:33am
I am seeking for a teacher of Mo Pai lineage or the instructions from one in printed form. Someone please contact me with this information.
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