Mobile affiliate marketing is gaining attention because of changing technology. The majority of people now have at least one mobile device, which they use to purchase products, pay bills, or even read the daily news. So, the creation of mobile websites emerged to better accommodate user’s needs. Affiliate marketing had to adapt to the new platforms. This type of marketing has become a lucrative avenue for affiliate marketers because their products, services, or offers are continuously displayed on a multitude of devices on a daily basis.

The same basic affiliate marketing tips apply for mobile marketing. You will need to know your target audience. You may have to test different mobile affiliate programs to see which products or offers convert at a better rate.  If you are going to build a mobile content site to display products or offers, you will need to build trust and publish new content. Remember, with a mobile site, you have to think in terms of how your offers, products, and ads will be displayed. Formatting is key because you do not want to lose a sale because a user could not see your ad clearly. In addition, without traffic, you cannot make a profit. If you’re a going to run a campaign, you need to think about your budget. It can get expensive testing how well an ad converts on different platforms and figuring out your competition.

The majority of people now have a smartphone, but keep in mind there are many types of mobile devices. If you have a great CPA offer, make sure it can be integrated on different operating systems. A mobile operating system is the system that operates your mobile device-smartphone, tablet, or PDA. You may be more familiar with the operating systems Android (Google, Inc.) or iOS (Apple, Inc.), but become familiar with other operating systems for better campaign performance.

One of the most important things you need to do with affiliate marketing is track your performance. This applies to mobile affiliate marketing too. You will gain insight on how well your online campaign is performing. Knowing the number of visitors, sales, refunds, and keyword reports allows you to tweak campaigns for better performance. When researching mobile affiliate companies, check to see how they track performance.

Here are three mobile affiliate network sites to help you with your search[1]:

YeahMobi is a affiliate network that targets mobile websites, iPhone and Android apps, and mobile traffic. They serve CPA, CPL, CPM, or CPC campaigns. YeahMobi focuses on affiliates needs by providing weekly payments, tracking system, and a campaign optimization tool.

MobPartner is a affiliate network that focuses on all operating systems and international campaigns. They serve CPS, CPL, and CPI campaigns. They have an in house tracking system, but they allow 3rd party tracking solutions.

Admobix is performance based online marketing network that offer CPA campaigns. They have a rporting system to optimize campaigns.

If there is not a tracking method, there are 3rd party solutions to tracking and monitoring analytics. MobAff Tracker and iMobi Tracking are two companies that track campaigns.

If you decide to try mobile affiliate marketing, think about these questions before you sign up:

  1. What types of mobile ads are served?
  2. Do the ads integrate on multiple operating systems?
  3. Do the ads serve different geographical locations? Are there international ads?
  4. Does the company have campaign tracking and analytics for ads?
  5. What is the payment system for affiliates?
  6. Is there a help desk or support system?Are you assigned an affiliate manager?
  7. What are other affiliates reviews of the marketing company