Effective Mobile App Analytics

Are you hoping to connect with your customers via a mobile app? Or are you an app developer seeking to provide businesses with tools to maximize exposure to mobile customers? Creating an app is only the first step. In order for apps to be successful, their analytics must be studied so that tweaks can be made to better performance.

With smartphone and tablet users quickly outpacing non-mobile users, the race is on for companies seeking to maximize the potential of their connections with mobile-enabled customers. Thankfully, there are a growing number of startup companies creating mobile analytics platforms for businesses and app developers. Here are a few new arrivals on the mobile analytics scene.

The Loadown

Based out of New York City, The Loadown gives users access to insider analytics on their competitors’ actions. Founded by David Renard and Andy Arluk and currently in beta phase, The Loadown gives data on everything from a competitor's price change information to their marketing efforts. For a business owner hoping to stay ahead of the competition, being aware of the moves of others in your niche is crucial. Whether you want to track your competitor's marketing efforts or their sales progression, The Loadown can keep you tuned into precisely what they are doing. Regardless of whether you are offering a single app to highlight your business or are developing a series of apps for your customers, building awareness as to what is happening within your niche is vital to your success.


Founded by Christian Henschel and based out of Berlin, Germany, Adeven's analytics give mobile app developers and business owners the inside scoop on exactly what is happening with their apps. In addition to giving users data on how many times it has been downloaded, Adeven also offers data on specifics like best-performing advertisers and post-download retention rates. If you looking to maximize the efforts of your app and increase its effectiveness, monitoring performance via Adeven could be an excellent step in the right direction.


Based out of Minsk, Belarus, MetricsCat is a startup company creating mobile analytics data that is based upon app user reviews. MetricsCat tracks specifics like app review trends, frequency of reviews, and even translated reviews. Founded by Evgeny Palchevsky and Tanya Avlochinskaya, MetricsCat tracks app data across multiple platforms including Google Play and Apple's Appstore. Whether you are a business owner seeking to improve the performance of your business' first app or you are a developer creating multiple apps, utilizing user reviews as a mobile analytics tool makes complete sense.

These are just three of numerous mobile analytics tools you can consider. The key to any analytics platform is ease of use so that data can be interpreted and utilized accordingly. With the number of mobile-enabled consumers continuing to rise at an explosive rate, savvy business owners that make online marketing moves based on real analytical data are likely to be the ones that stay ahead of their competition. Which of these mobile analytics tools will be the key to your business’ success?

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