As mobile app developers create their programs for the marketplace, important decisions have to be made regarding which platforms and devices to target and which demographic should be kept in consideration for these apps.  It's no secret that app development has exploded, since the debut of the iPhone in 2008.  Due to the initial popularity of iPhones and now iPads, new platforms have emerged and have created a robust playing field for mobile app developers. 

Microsoft has emerged with their entry, Windows Phone 7, Google has their Android series of devices and Blackberry continues to tweak and make improvements to their smartphone and PlayBook tablet product lines.  The big question that developers ponder is "which platforms are the most viable?"  The tablet and smartphone gaming sector shows no signs of slowdown and will continue its rapid expansion as more people enter the mobile app development field.

As previously stated, Apple's iPhone App Store became available to the public in 2008.  Games have been a major reason for the store's success with titles like Covering Orange, Cut The Rope, Angry Birds, and Words With Friends becoming extremely popular in a short amount of time.  This marketplace has created a fertile environment for independent mobile app developers to release their apps and gain momentum.  Indie titles like ​Aralon, Sword & Sworcery and Osmos continue to reach new customers and grow within the marketplace.  After only two years of operation, the Apple App Store has enjoyed over one billion (1,000,000,000) downloads worldwide.

Several surveys have suggested that Apple enjoys a sixteen percent (16%) piece of the smartphone market with over forty-seven million (47,000,000) units sold.  Early projections have them expanding to a nineteen percent (19%) stake this year with over ninety million (90,000,000) devices being sold.  Barring an anomaly, projections suggest one-hundred ninety million (190,000,000) iPhone purchases by 2015. 


Apple's domination in the tablet market is reminiscent of Budweiser's beer domination or Coca Cola's bullish presence in the soda wars.  Apple enjoys over eighty percent (80%) of the tablet pie with over fourteen million (14,000,000) iPad sales to-date.  As other companies continue to improve and release competing tablets, the Apple share will dip gradually.  They are projected to drop to seventy percent (70%) by the end of 2011.

Mobile App Developers

Mobile App Developers