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When I started writing online I spent endless hours alone in front of a desktop computer.  I believed it was possible to create multiple steams of residual income writing online using free resources available on the web BUT what I never visualized myself doing was using a mobile device to write online while I was on the go AND I never visualized my articles being viewed and read on mobile devices.  I started to write online in January 2009 and the thought of my Internet business going mobile never once crossed my mind.

I still use my desktop and probably will for a long time to come.  I truly enjoy sitting in front of my desktop computer first thing in the morning.  I'm most productive when having my first cup of coffee but I've taken note that I use my iPad and iPod several times a week to work online too. At the end of my day when I'm snuggling on the couch, I'm Internet Marketing, writing or uploading video clips saved on my iPad to my YouTube channels.  I'm sipping tea, watching the news and being productive using mobile devices all at the same time.  Using mobile devices has become a norm for me.  Unless I want to upload video clips to my MAC desktop to create a detailed iMovie video clip, I grab my iPad or iPod, click record then upload the video clip directly to the web.  What use to take me hours now takes me minutes.  My Internet Business has truly gone mobile.  I love it.
If you're still reading then the topic of creating a mobile business interests you.  Creating residual income using free resources available on the web is a FREE opportunity that you can work on in your spare time and having access to mobile devices makes the opportunity more appealing and managable.  You can better your financial standing for the future throughout your busy day.  Starting an Internet business is a steady and gradual process but it is a process that becomes residual and starts to generate income on its own over time without you having to work at it every day.  Building a solid foundation to steadily and gradually work on it when you are on the go eventually turns into steady residual income.  The earned extra income starts to add up faster and faster and all of a sudden the earned income becomes steady residual income.
 Look At Me Now ! ! !
Conquering fear became my norm.  Don't be surprised when you announce to your group of friends or family that you're starting an Internet business from the ground floor because many will Not believe it is possible.  Don't take it personal because many times that is just the way it is.
When I started an Internet Business not many people believed in me.  Only a couple of people actually asked me on occasion how it was working out for me.  Many others would roll their eyes or mumble comments beneath their breath instead of supporting me or ignore my response when asked what I did throughout my day.  I lost count how many times I had to ask, did you hear me? I'm sharing my experience with you because I understand what it takes to make changes alone.  If nobody in your immediate circle shares your interests and goals, moving forward alone can be scary and lonely BUT eventually achieving your goals lead you to people who not only share your interest and goals but become a significant part of your life.
Back To Look At Me Now ! ! !
I now work on my Internet business almost anywhere I can spare time to write, Internet Market, take pictures or record videos using my iPad and iPod.  If  I don't have Internet access I can write content, take pictures or record videos and save it to my mobile devices and upload them when I do have Internet access.  Using mobile devices has given me back so much of my spare time because I don't need to set time aside to work alone on my desktop computer.  I Now Have More Freedom ! ! !  I can work during weekend trips if I feel like it, on vacation, during my work breaks, while waiting for the kids to get of school, during long car rides, chilling at the beach or park on a beautiful day.  Yes, I do still work but I now work part-time and I'm self-employed part-time.  The purpose of starting an Internet business was to eventually become self-employed and I'm at the halfway point to reaching my goal.  I earn residual income everyday even if I don't work everyday.  I did the time and reaping the rewards from all the work I've completed since January 2009.
I guess the point of this article is to motivate the beginners who feel anxious, eager or might feel the goal of creating online residual income unattainable.  Creating residual income is an attainable goal and you can create residual income using free resources available on the web in your spare time.
I dedicate this article to all mobile devices.   I wrote this article using an iPad3 and when I got home tweaked it using my desktop.  Thank you Apple for such a wonderful mobile device.  I've grown to love it and appreciate the freedom it created for me to work on my Internet Business when and where I choose.
iPad Mobile DeviceCredit: Michelle Cesare
iPod Mobile DeviceCredit: Michelle Cesare

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