Thanksgiving is a holiday in the United States on the fourth Thursday in November. Religious groups often see the day as a time for individual Christians to reflect on the importance of divine intervention and the importance of believing in the existence of God especially during the times of need. Social organizations take the opportunity to remind people of the importance of communal living and how communal living is necessary for the existence of the individual. However, online businessmen must see the event not as a time to make unnecessary human-imposed sacrifices but an opportunity to make huge profits. When Abraham Lincoln made the day a holiday some 200 years ago, he never intended that the federal holiday will be a market big day. He was merely trying to showcase the importance of the day for ordinary people and for the sake of emphasizing the notion of unity. Historical data on the other hand tells a different story about what really transpired during the dark days of the settlers. Historical accounts clearly show that the communal practice had been replaced in favor of more productive individual ownership of the lands and produce. Anyway, for internet retailers and online businessmen, they should take the opportunity to sell their new goods and offer their rejuvenated services to the public. The weeks before the holiday is the perfect time to make your own website. Of course, in considering Thanksgiving as a shopping season, one should not forget the impact of mobile commerce brought about by the emergence of smart and android phones.

            According to, a record increase in year-over-year customer traffic to and double digit increase in AT&T retail store traffic created one of the busiest post-Thanksgiving shopping weekends in AT&T history. For the ordinary so-called smalltime online businessman, the data presented by one of the major US companies should remind him of the importance of the Thanksgiving celebration for his business and the improvement of the same. If you want to launch your own business, you should make your own website prior to the Thanksgiving celebrations. Moreover, you should set it up as early as possible because you still have to condition the market with the appropriate search engine optimization.

            Another important data is given at, the statistics from mobile platform company Usablenet show that traffic was heavier on Thanksgiving Day than on “Black Friday”, which is traditionally seen as the busiest shopping day. As to which day produces a much heavier traffic, that is for the economist and statisticians to decipher and debate. What is more important is the willingness of the small online businessman to make sure that everything is perfect or that everything is going well according to plan. He cannot simply set up the website for the sake of making his website. He should create a website with the premise of making as much profits as possible. He should be able to take advantage of what is provided by current technology. Instead of rejecting mobile commerce as a creation of TNCs (transnational companies), he must openly embrace the technology as necessary for the improvement of his business.