Mobile Marketing? How about Universal Marketing?Credit: David Andrew Wiebe

We still hear a lot about mobile marketing these days, don't we?

You know what? If you stay there too long, you're probably going to get left behind.

Friends, as you already know, technology keeps on changing. This is especially true in this day of exponential growth. Whether or not mobile fully takes over desktops and laptops isn't really the point (they won't). The point is that the technology of tomorrow will probably be even more integrated than it is today!

Pretty soon, we'll have compact devices that do all the things we already do across multiple devices. TV shows, movies, games, text/SMS, Skype, phone calls, social media, surfing the web, streaming music, buying products, and so on. In essence, we're already there!

But I think we can safely surmise that the technology will get better, there will be more forms of media to consume, and we'll be able to get through all of it at a faster rate than ever before.

If you're just getting on the mobile trend now, it's already too late. It's time to get on the universal trend!

The Emerging Age of Universal Marketing

People have preferences. Some people still prefer to work on desktops and laptops over mobile devices (like me). At work and in business, phones and tablets are still a little too underpowered to be used for bigger tasks. It definitely depends on the type of work you're doing, but I don't think too many people would argue that you can do a lot more with a 3 display desktop setup than an iPad, especially if you're editing video or coding or even writing articles.

Today, people still use a lot of different devices for different purposes. I'm not necessarily saying that these are all going to converge and become one (I do think there will be technology like that), but we have to build more awareness around the fact that, with online marketing, people are viewing your website on everything from 50 inch HDTVs (or bigger) all the way down to smartphones (or smaller). In other words, we're not just going smaller; we're going bigger too!

We've been thinking a little too narrowly. We think our websites just need to scale down, but in reality, they may need to scale up too!

When I was a kid, I couldn't even imagine having the type of technology we have today. A big TV screen? Awesome! The bigger the better.

I think what we're seeing today is that device use all depends on the application. Cell phones are generally better when they can fit in your pocket. You can watch TV shows or movies on them, but they aren't necessarily ideal for that purpose. Tablets, tablet computers and laptops are more convenient if they fit into a little book bag or protective slip. They're great for a lot of smaller tasks, and you can carry the lightweight ones everywhere. But TVs are still better in your home. You would look silly hauling a TV into work (unless it's related to your work somehow). However, they are ideal if you're going to watch a show or play a game.

Statistics show us that most people watch five to six hours of TV every single day. That five to six hours may be spread out over social media, games, movies, website surfing, e-books and other things today, but I doubt that the amount of time people spend on entertainment is about to change.

So, you can't really predict how someone is going to visit your website or for what purpose. You really have to make sure you're ready for all situations if you want to be relevant.


Am I way in over my head? Have I completely lost track of what I was talking about? Yes! But you have to remember that this is mostly uncharted territory that I'm talking about.

Even so, if you've made it this far, I think you get the picture. For some reason, we think that technology is not going to evolve beyond mobile. I assure you there will be more to come.

The toughest pill to swallow is that this mobile trend may not even last that long. By the time everyone's onboard, we might already be onto the next thing.

Let's think universally. This isn't just a matter of screen size anymore. It's a matter of device, functionality, usability, and possibly even screen shape.

How do you plan on coping with the changes that are coming? Will technology indeed require us to adapt even more? Will new technology change the way we consume information and invest in entertainment?