Today, there are millions upon millions of people with mobile devices at their fingertips. Smartphones have become a norm for communication, and refining your marketing for them is more important than ever. Take a look at these tips to serve better mobile media to these devices.

Keep your images, files and attachments small in size. Smartphones are not as speedy as their desktop and laptop big brothers, nor do they have the storage that those larger computers have. If you load up your mobile marketing with large images and big files, you'll end up with a very slow mobile experience that can aggravate the end-user. Optimize your images to smaller file sizes for your mobile campaigns and limit the usage of downloads. Space is at a premium on many of these devices and files structures are often difficult to work with for the user, so those downloads may be very ineffective in practice. 

Along with optimizing your images for smaller file sizes, consider optimizing your smartphone mobile campaigns altogether by using more text. While image strategy is very important for desktops, laptops and even tablets, smartphones don't have the screen real estate to really enjoy those impact images you've found. If you start layering in a ton of imagery into your smartphone campaign, you'll simply slow down the load times for your emails and web pages. It can have the opposite effect than what you are looking for. Instead, rely on text as your medium. Text is quick to load and easy to digest, both qualities especially important to grab the attention of the smartphone user on the go. Keep your messaging short and strategic and then you'll really make an impact.

Utilize social media in your mobile marketing. Social media marketing has become extremely important in the mobile space. More and more social networks are releasing mobile apps that are just as robust as their desktop equivalents. In fact, many smartphone users prefer to use their social networks from their mobile devices. This makes social media marketing something that should go hand in hand with your mobile marketing efforts for smartphones. Plan out a posting strategy and get your brand into the conversation.

Decipher whether a mobile app is right for your smartphone mobile marketing campaigns. Just a year or two ago, the answer was almost always yes to building an app. If your company could afford the sometimes steep price, a mobile app got your company's branding onto the smartphone screen and gave you abilities that vanilla HTML couldn't achieve. Today, the benefit to being on a smartphone home screen is still very true, but HTML5 has changed the landscape in terms of abilities. HTML5 can handle many of the things that used to be only possible in an application and the cost of development can be much more cost efficient. Both can work for your smartphone mobile marketing, but it depends on your overall budget and needs.

Mobile marketing is an exciting and extremely popular medium, and these tips can help you make the most of it for your business. Get yourself in the game today. Smartphone technologies will only be increasing in importance, and you need to begin adapting your mobile media to reach them effectively.