It's amazing how fast mobile marketing has vaulted in importance, and your mobile marketing strategy needs to follow suit. Today, millions of people have smart phones in their pockets, every one of which offers a point of communication that you can use to your advantage. But how do you get the most out of mobile marketing? Check out these pointers to make a real difference.

Develop a mobile marketing strategic plan based off of research before starting any tactics. A mistake many novice mobile marketers make is jumping in too soon. If you don't understand the differences between mobile marketing and generic Internet marketing, then you are certain to make costly strategic errors. If you haven't explored what types of mobile tactics have appealed to your target audience (whether SMS messaging, QR codes or something else), then you will ultimately waste time making errors in your choices. You can save a ton of time and headaches by simply doing your homework up front and then building your mobile marketing strategy accordingly.

Think of your mobile messaging like billboard advertising. Mobile marketing happens at an insane pace. It's very much of the now because people are often on the move when they receive your tactic, so you only have a few short moments to make an impression. Your messaging, then, can't be too long. In fact, consider it the same strategy as they use with highway billboards. You've got five seconds to make a mark before it passes by, so write for big impact with as few words as possible. When you follow through, you'll find that your responses to your mobile campaigns will increase.

Offer discounts, deals and special offers that are exclusive only to those receiving the mobile opportunity. Mobile marketing can be annoying, so you need to make people feel special. Exclusive deals and discounts can curb a lot of ill will. As well, these discounts fit the mobile medium very well. As stated before, mobile marketing is very much couched in immediacy. SMS messages pop right up, QR codes give an instant message when scanned and Bluetooth technologies beam messages based off of location information. Because of this, discounts people can use immediately can have a big effect in your mobile marketing strategy. If you beam a customer an offer upon entering a store (or tie in location-based social media marketing via FourSquare), you can have a major impact on buying behavior.

Develop your website and make it mobile friendly. A few years ago, the answer to this was to use a generic mobile template that would make your posts easy to read. The downside was (and still is), it also stripped your site of any personality. Today with HTML5 and other dynamic web languages, you can develop sites that react amazingly well to the screen dimensions they are viewed on. Explore all the potential solutions here, as reading a site laid out for desktop viewing on a mobile phone can be a very bad user experience.

There are many ways you can enhance your company's mobile marketing strategy. These few tips above are a great place to begin. Get them into practice, and soon you'll see how big an impact mobile marketing can really make.