On-Site Paper Shredding Companies Make Sense!

There are many benefits to a mobile paper shredding service that you might want to consider before you contract with one of them.  Document destruction has become incredibly important in the world today, for both business and personal settings.  You will need to determine whether it’s cost effective for you to hire a company to come on site and destroy the paper for you, or if you would be better off buying your own paper shredding equipment.  Whether you use a mobile service, or buy your own, these are the basic considerations you’ll have to make.

Considerations of Importance

Cost/Pricing:  To have a company come in and shred your documents for you will cost money on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, depending on how often you have them come and do the service.  This can add up over time, but  could still be substantially less than purchasing your own equipment.  It’s just one of the many things you can do to try to make your company financially sound.  A free paper shredding service is not realistic, whether you’re in Houston or Greenville, SC. 

Maintenance:  If you buy your own commercial or industrial paper shredding equipment, you’ll have to perform maintenance and upkeep on your own.  This could prove to be very costly, even if you have a decent warranty.  This is an important aspect to keep in mind with the total cost.

Convenience:  It might actually be more convenient to have your own equipment on hand, depending on the volume of paper products you need destroyed.  Some like to be able to cut up their own forms as they go, making it a more viable option.  Of course, this also means having to share a shredder with several other office workers in a commercial setting or even residential.

Liability: This can go both ways.  In some ways, having your own equipment allows you to verify and monitor destruction of forms and confidential data.  On the other hand, should something of a confidential nature get out there when you have hired a mobile paper shredding service provider, you could have legal recourse.

Storage:  If the company doesn’t show up on a regular basis to shred, you will need to have a place to store and box the forms and documents that need to be discarded.  This can prove to be just as space consuming as equipment.

Waste:  Law mandate recycling.  Since many mobile shredding companies take the waste with them for destruction, it’s one less hassle for your company to worry about.  This makes great sense for periodic home pickups as well.

How Often Do Shredding Companies Come?

You can have the company you use come to onsite to your place of business on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  However, the more often they come to your site, the more the expense will be.  Since mileage and time driving could actually worked into the price for mobile companies, it’s safe to assume the out of pocket cost for the service will generally be less if they come less often.

Who Should I Select?

Check out ratings and reviews for any companies that offer this type of service.  You will want to compare the prices and overall service of each company that you could potentially use.  While you might pay more for a company that comes daily and offers various guarantees of destruction, it could be the best option to consider.

Knowing What to Shred

You might want to explore laws that govern when certain document can be destroyed.  Some confidential materials must be saved by businesses or individuals for up to 20 years.  Identity theft, accounting records, credit reports and figures, and other fiscal items might need to be saved for some time.  Use common sense and make sure you follow all guidelines before you hire any on-site shredding companies.

As you can see, when it comes to mobile paper shredding service, you have some things to keep in mind.