Mobile phones have come a long way and they have rapidly expanded into so many areas of communication. They have managed to help us do things faster and add more efficiency in our daily lives, we can video chat with someone on the other side of the world real-time and play video games together - no longer are they solitary as you will always find someone on the other end.The mobile phone is a combination of innovative inventions and technologies put together, we have lights on a phone, a TV screen, sound and the internet and so on. It will continue to evolve as new technologies will be invented and added to this phenomenon. We are living in the a world that we create and it all starts with an idea.

But What Else Could Be Added?

Hmm that’s a good one, I like to think to myself “if I could add anything to a mobile phone what would it be?” I usually go too far with them and hype myself up. 

Imagine feeling the grain of oak through a picture your client sent you,Imagine a blind person reading a braille message on his phone, the message is slightly raised on the screen so they can feel the letters. Or what if you wanted to know the rhythm of your heart you could hold the phone to your neck or even check someone’s temperature? 


Pin Impression Mobile Concept

How would something like that work?

Remember this thing called a ‘pin impression’? well imagine that but on a very advanced level, there would be thousands of these pins and pixels which make up the 3D screen. I would probably think that if it were to happen the technology would have a gradual improvement just like the mega pixels on camera phones, we started with VGA cameras then 1 mp 2 mp and now all the way up to 12 mp cameras even with Carl Zeiss lens!

Can you imagine a video clip using this 3D medium or even a map?You would see the city and then zoom and orientate out to see the buildings. There are so many things this would open up for because it is another one of our senses added, just like how video calling has enabled deaf people to communicate the blind would benefit from this too. Instead of sending X’s for kisses you can send a real one, both of you would have to kiss the screen and because of this Pin Impression-like screen you would be able to feel the force of the kiss on each others lips. 


Technically if you had this type of screen all over the phone then it would be able to morph into a completely different shape. Instead of having new models coming out every 6 months or so, you launch a contour design file of a new model available to download and buy at the apps store, and your phone would change its shape and you could keep switching between models you saves, just like how you can download different themes. But not just shapes of new phone models but maybe if it's lying on your table you want to change it into an ornament or a decorative piece like a vase, a picture frame or even a lamp!

‘Nokia Morph’ is a concept design from Nokia, it is a 6 minute animation video shows us what technology innovations would be capable of doing if it was fully developed, at the moment we are far from it but at least we have some idea of where it could go.



Nokia Morph

Remember, all the above are my concepts and are not real, however the possibilities are endless and no matter how unrealistic or silly it may sound remember that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.