What is Mobile Marketing?

The Newest Way for Businesses to Connect with Potential Customers

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A lot of people may ask, “What is mobile marketing?” Well, as the term suggests, mobile marketing is a relatively new marketing strategy which involves the use of mobile phones or devices to communicate with the consumer. Mobile phone marketing sends simple marketing messages to consumers or introduce a campaign to them so that they can visit a mobile website.

Mobile marketing ranges from sending information to customers about a latest business upgrade, to advertising a product, to spreading campaigns, and even to recruiting new members of organizations and teams.

Connectivity through mobile phones not only enables people to connect to the Internet, PDA, or another gadget, but also consolidates the different communication channels in a powerfully simple, yet effective, medium.

The use of SMS (Short Message Service) in communication is widespread all throughout the globe. This is why marketing experts find this a potential medium in delivering information and advertising products and services. Mobile marketing has become popular ever since the rise of SMS in the early parts of the year 2000. Over the years, Mobile text marketing has been popular and legitimate in some parts of the world. It has expanded rapidly in some parts of Europe and Asia as a new and effective medium to reach the consumers.

Mobile marketing features easy to plan campaigns and advertisements. There is no need to hire people to take charge of drafting letters, posters, leaflets, and pamphlets to campaign. Mobile phones can send out information completely in as little as 24 hours. It also keeps track of the transactions, deliveries, and feedback from the customers. No wonder why most advertisers all over the world are opting to use this new marketing trend.

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Below is a list of useful terms used in Mobile Marketing along with their definitions:

  • Bluetooth – It is a short distance protocol used in connecting devices. It allows transfer of data from mobile phones to computers or vice versa.
  • GSM – GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications.  It is the most widely used of the three digital wireless telephone technologies.
  • Mobile Device – It refers to a mobile phone, PDA, or other handsets.
  • Common Short Code (CSC) – These are shortened numbers that users send messages to. In return, they get services like raffle entries in competitions.
  • WAP – WAP stands for Wireless Application Protocol, a set of standards that allows internet access to a device.
  • Tracking – This is the process of measuring the success of the campaign through evaluating the statistics.
  • Navigation – Navigation allows the users to move from one site to another or from page to page in a certain site.
  • GPS – GPS stands for Global Positioning System. This uses a satellite to detect the location of a user anywhere on earth with preciseness and accuracy.
  • Geographical Targeting – It allows you to see where your visitors are form.

Mobile Phone Marketing is surely a better and cheaper way for advertisers to reach the market. With the fast growth of digital technology, every kind of business is at our finger tips.