If you're like the rest of the world, you probably own some kind of mobile technology. Mobile technology can be a cell phone, PDA, Ebook Reader, laptop, etc. For technology to be considered mobile, it doesn't necessarily have to be wireless or battery operated, it just needs to be portable. The purpose of this article is talk a little bit about mobile technology, mainly dealing with cell phones and how far they've advanced over the years.

One of the most advanced products of the mobile technology world is the cell phone, let's talk a little about just how far they've developed and what they're capable of today. When mobile phones were first released way back in the day, they were very big and much like a house phone. I'm not sure if you ever did this as a child, but whenever we would run out of milk in the carton, I would fold it flat and make it look like a phone and stick a large straw out of the top for an antenna. This is very similar to the exact size and shape of the older phones that people used to carry around, they wouldn't fit into a pocket as newer ones do today. Over the next few years, mobile phones would begin to shrink as technology began to be fit into smaller parts. Eventually we had cell phones that could fit in our pocket, but lacked any real advanced features or applications.

The next big advancement in mobile phone technology came with the release of smart phones. Smart phones are more advanced cell phones with higher computing power and functionality. The first smart phones used toggle buttons to navigate around the menus, featuring mobile Internet browsing and email features. Upon better advances in technology, smart phones evolved into what we currently have today. Phones like the Samsung Galaxy S, have large vivid touch screens, allowing for us to interact with what on screen, just by touching it. Not only are these phones now capable computers, they are also quality forms of mobile entertainment. Many smart phones have the ability to stream full movies in high definition quality, as well as play three dimensional games. Yes, the advancement of mobile technology has come a long way and I'm sure that we've yet to see its fullest potential.

To summarize what was discussed in this article, mobile technology is amazing and it has come so far over the past few decades.