Mobile Phone Use In The Workplace

Why Cell Phones Should be Allowed In The Workplace

In the current age, cell phones are a vital part to our world that has even shaped society.  Several businesses have adapted to implement mobile phone use as part of the job, while others restrict the use of mobile phones.  Cell phones have integrated into our daily lives, and we've become dependent on them for several different things.  This makes jobs with the restriction somewhat damaging to our overall possible performance.

Mobile Phone Use

Over the summer, I worked a government job where the use of mobile phones weren't allowed.  If a supervisor caught us with a mobile phone out of our pockets, we were automatically fired, no questions asked.  This was largely due to the use of private, personal information that we dealt with on a day to day basis.  Our employers were afraid that we may take pictures of valuable information with our cell phone cameras, and possibly capture private information.  To some extent, I can understand why this specific job didn't allow us to have cell phones, but it hindered our functionality on several levels.

Without the use of cell phones in the workplace, employees have a hard time functioning as well as they would with the use of them in the workplace.  Mobile phones are much more than simple devices to make a call to someone.  Now, mobile phones have several different applications that contain valuable information that we may need.  There are applications for them that can help convert dollar amounts between countries, keep a planner or calendar of events, or a number of other things that would be beneficial to the workplace.  Instead, with workplaces that try to remove mobile phones, these possiblities are removed.  This is a reason why they should be allowed in the workplace.

Another reason why mobile phones should be allowed in the workplace, is because of internet connection.  Sometimes if you're not at your own personal computer while at the job, internet connection would be very helpful.  This internet connection will allow you to look up several different facts and figures that could your performance within the job.  If your occupation tells you that cell phones aren't allowed, and your cell phone has internet access, they are removing a wonderful feature.  Internet use from the palm of your hand is a reason why cell phones should be allowed in the workplace.

The last reason why cell phones should be allowed in the workplace, is due to the possiblities of an emergency happening to one of your loved ones.  In the job I worked where cell phones weren't allowed to even be pulled out of our pockets, we would never know if anything horrific happened to our family, because we would have to ignore all text messages and phone calls.  If you tried to call the main office to get directly connected to an employee, you would be forced to wait around 15 minutes before you could be connected to the person you're trying to connect to.  With mobile phone use allowed in the workplace, you would know when an emergency happened instantly.  This is a necessity to your personal life.

Mobile Phone Use 2

I understand why some jobs don't want their employees wasting valuable time at work by text messaging constantly in order to get through the workday faster, but cell phones should be allowed in the workplace.  Mobile phone use in the workplace is essential to a healthy, successful business.  If you ban mobile phones from your employees, they are more likely to quit, and won't be allowed to receive the valuable information that they need from their cell phones.  Mobile phones  should be allowed in the workplace.