If advancement was assessed on the basis of development of different mobile phones, then we can proudly say we are progressing at an expeditious speed. With almost every week a new mobile phone being launched, we surely are living in a century that can be completely devoted to mobile phone innovations and modernization. It was around 4 decades ago, in 1973 that Motorola launched the first ever mobile phone. In that era, mobile phones were expensive and were considered as a sumptuous possession. But today, even our house helpers carry a mobile phone. In less than 4 decades, mobile industry has actually revolutionized and has transformed completely.

If something has changed till now, then it is definitely the definition of a mobile phone. Today, it is no more 'Just' a device to make calls and stay connected, but is a great entertainment tool which has actually simplified our lives and added the required joy. No more we have those big and heavy brick sized mobile phones, which we used to either carry in our brief case or in huge bags and were good enough for just making calls and sending a message. Now, we have slim and light mobile phones, which are usually found in our hands and are great cameras for clicking high resolution pictures, awesome music player for playing loud and quality music of our choice, a perfect gaming junction and now even allows us to access the internet. Today our cell phones are not just meant for making calls; they have 100 more things to offer.

With a mobile phone in hand, one can never feel bored or alone. This development and transformation in mobile industry is indirectly linked to the progression and encroachment made in every aspect of modern technology. Mobile phones are like a basic need. Call and message rates have been slashed, the cost of mobile phones are nominal now and thus this technology has become more accessible today. With over 100 mobile phone companies all over the world, there are numerous models for mobile phones that can be purchased at varied prices.

This development is astonishing and stupefying. As a result of the availability and accessibility of this astounding device, people are able to talk and interact more and therefore are able to maintain a stronger bond. Children who study and work abroad are able to talk to their parents regularly because of this development. Mobile phones, definitely has a hand in keeping relations intact and people connected.