Gone are the days of ugly and heavy office furniture creating a gloomy atmosphere and providing limited storage options.  Modern mobile storage cabinets, which move easily across the room to where they are most needed, are now commonplace in many state of the art offices.

Whether your office is part of a large, open plan corporate building or a more modest conversion of the spare room into a study, you can benefit from units such as the Sandusky mobile range which will add a truly flexible approach to storage and work space.  Their Radius Edge mobile furniture, although made from heavy gauge steel, runs on casters so that even the largest pieces are easy to move.  There are many examples of office furniture based on this concept and you will find that, after a short while spent on researching various companies, you can source items which will be suitable for your needs.

You will have many options to consider before paying out for a complete re-fit for your office.  As the ranges are so great these days, there is no reason why you should have to make any compromises.  Be sure that you plan your space carefully.  It may be a good idea to draw a scale plan to see exactly how your furniture will fit your office but do not forget that one of the main advantages of such cabinets is that they can be moved around if you should have a change of mind or if your needs should change. Do not forget to make sure that the casters do not add extra inches to the dimensions of the units.  Ideally they will be fitted in a way which enables the furniture to still fit flush against the wall.  Many of these modern mobile storage cabinets include shelves which can be adjusted so that you can accommodate all that you need in an organised way to suit your specific requirements.  Again, if your requirements change, then you can just change the height of the shelves.  

Some of the units in these ranges and low level and lightweight.  The desk extensions for example are designed to be moved easily so that they can be used for a multitude of purposes.  If you are an architect for example, or find that you often have to work with large plans etc, then a mobile unit which can increase the size of either your desk, or that of a colleague, would be invaluable.  For a system like this to work successfully however, you must make sure that all the furniture has a constant counter height.  This does not mean that you must re-fit the whole place at the same time... just check height levels when you purchase.  If this is the case, then make sure you take into account the height of the desk including the casters!

Just because you have decided to opt for a furniture range which is truly flexible and mobile, this does not mean that you have to compromise on other points.  You should still bear in mind aspects such as security.  The majority of good quality office furniture will include a lock on the doors and drawers. This could, if anything, be more important in the case of mobile storage cabinets as they may not always been within your sight.

As with all modern office furniture, you will be able to source a range which will fit in with the style of your office and look clean and attractive as well as being extremely functional.  Whether you choose powder coated steel or a wood finish you should be able to find mobile storage cabinets, desks and low level shelf units which are flexible, attractive and at a price to suit your budget.  They may seem more expensive than some static alternatives, but if you bear in mind that you will be able to make use of them even if you have a change of office layout, then they could work out cheaper in the long run.