Mobile technology has become the leader in ways to communicate with other people. Mobile technology has advanced from just a simple cell phone to phones that take pictures, send text messages, chat from, send emails, send photos, listen to music, read blogs and post to blogs, go online and applications that can be added to stay in touch.

Now many of the activities that had to be done from a computer, can be done through mobile technology. It has become a way to do business and stay in touch, without having to carry around a laptop or notebook computer.

There are numerous variations of mobile technology. However, there are some companies that are leading the fore front in mobility. A few of these are:

  • iPhone: the iPhone has turned into the a phone that can do practically everything. One of the first to fully utilize touch screen technology, as well as applications to download and play. They are one of the few that has hundreds of apps available and new ones being added regularly.
  • Blackberry: Blackberry has been around for time as the phone for organizing and staying in touch with contacts and business associates. They added the flash technology on their phone awhile back, allowing the user the ability to take digital camera photo quality photos with their phone.
  • Samsung: seemed to had faded from existence at one point within the mobile technology world, however they have made a come back with their touch screen technology and mobile capabilities on their phones. One of the only makers of a mobile phone that is very close in design and style to the iPhone, but for a little less money.
These are just a few of the phones available that offer mobile technology. With a mobile phone comes the service plan that needs to be used as well. There are many companies that offer different levels of service and plans available to operate mobile technology from. Some of these companies are:
  • ATT
  • Sprint
  • Verizon
  • T-Mobile
With these services also come wireless services and bluetooth technology that adds to the mobile technology that is part of phones and some laptop plans. For example, many of the above companies not only offer cell phone service, but also wireless laptop service that can be used anywhere when a wireless adapter card is added to the notebook computer.

Mobile technology has expanded what people are able to do on a daily basis. No matter where a person is, they can handle business and social affairs with ease and all through a cell phone or similar device.