Mobile web access is more widespread today than ever before, with smartphones allowing users to surf the web on the go. For businesses and people who wish to reach a larger, mobile audience, having a website that's optimized for mobile browsers is a definite must. Even though many of today's mobile web browsers have the capability to display full, standard web pages, a site that caters to the smaller screen size and specific features of mobile devices (geolocation, touch screen functionality, etc.) will make for a better browsing experience for users.

So how does someone with no mobile web development experience go about "mobilizing" their existing site? It used to be that mobile web development was a huge ordeal. It was especially made difficult because mobile web browsers from a few years ago had rather limited capabilities. Today, however, with the widespread use of WebKit, which powers, among other platforms, the browsers for the iPhone, Android and BlackBerrry devices, it is much easier to do mobile web development. There are a ton of free tools online that do a lot of the work for you and still give you the control you want over the look and feel of your mobile site. If you need help using these tools, or would like more information about mobile web design, simply contact a San Diego web design firm.

MoFuse and MoFuse Premium

MoFuse is a free and very easy to use web design tool that is especially good for bloggers and small businesses. It basically generates automatically a mobile version of your site using your site's RSS feed. Bloggers can use MoFuse for Blogs and access their mobile domain at Business who have larger sites and want more control over their mobile web site features can use MoFuse Premium, which offers a larger variety of customizing options.


Mippin is another free mobile web design tool that lets you create quick and easy mobile versions of your site, and much like MoFuse it uses your site's RSS feed to generate a mobilized version of it. It doesn't have as many customizable features as MoFuse Premium, but it is simple and easy to use and the mobile sites it produces are viewable on virtually any type of WAP-compatible phone.


For sites that are built on WordPress, WPtouch is a great mobile web resource. It can automatically modify your website to be accessed via iPhone and Android devices. It also lets gives you access to all the customizable features of the WordPress platform for use on your mobile web site. These include the ability to set an iPhone Favicon and compatibility with other WordPress plug-ins, including customizable headers and FlickrRSS.