If you are planning to use mobile internet you should spend some time researching all of your options to make sure you find the right tariff to suit you. It should be a package that would allow you to use the internet without having to worry about whether your monthly bill will be too high.

There are a lot of plans to choose from, even specific ones for smartphones. Choosing the best one will take a little time as it is important to assess your needs, to work out if the benefits of the package actually do suit your needs. For instance, if you use the internet a lot but rarely make voice calls or send texts to anyone, then there is no use in choosing a package that offers unlimited text messages and gives you a lot of free talk time but only limited amount of data.

Contract Compromises

The price of the mobile phone is also dependent on the contract period chosen. For instance, a 24 month contract would turn out to be cheaper per month than a 12 month contract if the rest of the features are the same. At the same time you will need to decide whether you need a 24 month contract – some people do not like being tied into a contract for this long. The price also depends on the free minutes and the amount of text and data usage, so try to make a comparison between what you can afford per month, the period of the contract and the combination of talk time, data and text you would be using.

Choosing Your Deal

Sometimes, you might not know how much you would use per month. In that case, you should choose a higher tariff. Otherwise once the free time is over, the cost per call/text/data is bound to be higher. It is good idea to pay a slightly higher charge per month until you know what your average usage is rather than paying a higher cost after choosing a lower priced package and finding you have been charged for a lot of calls and texts.

This would be helpful especially since data charges are very costly. Once you move beyond your allotted quota you are charged a higher rate per KB of data. A single visit to social networking sites or checking your mails might use up more than 1000KB and hence the charges will soon build up.  Most network service providers also assist you in choosing a better plan if you are using more than your assigned quota per month.


There might be specific data plans that include usage when travelling to a different country. If you travel very often it would be a good idea to ask your service provider about the different tariffs they offer. If they do not offer any specific plan, then you may turn off your data connection when you are abroad or even deactivate it. This would help you avoid being tempted to use it. Alternatively you can get a local SIM card which will help you cut costs and allow you to call people within that country either free or at a lesser cost. This would be useful for those who travel frequently to the same location.