Maybe you are having problems getting out of bed in the morning. Not because you had one too many the night before, but because your body feels stiff or weak, and you are anxious about falling. So, you may roll on your side and somehow get out, but this takes a long time, and causes you frustration. That works for now, but you are becoming more anxious about day to day living as a senior. This is where mobility aids for elderly or seniors can make the difference.

The problem with many of these aids, is that they are not promoted. You are not really aware of what has been invented or created for mobility issues, that could quite easily help you. Unless you have a big medical store down the road, that you can shop in, you may not be aware of the many affordable options, for seniors or anyone with moving around issues.

You can ask at your pharmacist, or at your Doctor's office, or amongst your friends, who may have similar issues. You may have to do your own research on the types of aids that are available. There are so many, that could be helping you or a loved one. If you are caring for aging parents, they may not let you know, that they feel wobbly getting out of bed or a chair. So, you may have to play investigator to find out if they are having problems.

It may be a simple appliance that can help them. There are special canes for getting off of couches and out of bed. Something that would give them the confidence that they may not have if they feel weak or wobbly. Many people think they will need to do expensive renovations, so they just put up with it. But by checking out medical mobility catalogues or simply checking online may help. Amazon has a whole section of helpful products for elderly and anyone else who needs them. mobility aidsThis is one way to find out what is available.

With more and more of the population aging, and staying in their own homes, there is a growing need for a "helping hand". Whether you need help simply with aging issues, or because you are recovering from an illness or accident. These products, will help to keep you independent.

You can get them for the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and more. You don't have to totally shred or renovate your house for thousands of dollars to simply make your home more livable with your mobility issues.

You can get mobility scooters for inside and out, that help get you out and about, but there are many mobility aids for elderly that make sense. Simple ideas such as:


Standers BedCane
Amazon Price: $99.99 $57.29 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 13, 2013)
works perfectly with a bed for help rising.

Bed Cane - This simple device, is attaches to your mattress and helps you to go from a sitting to a standing position when getting out of bed in the morning. It can also help you get into bed. It gives you that extra bit of confidence to help combat the fear of falling.


Moen DN7025 Home Care Adjustable Tub And Shower Seat, White
Amazon Price: $57.15 $26.09 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 13, 2013)
stay confident in the shower or tub.

Shower Stools - If you have become anxious about a shower, because you have a fear of standing for any length of time, and are afraid of falling, you can get Shower Stools. You can also have grab bars installed, so that you don't have to be sitting or standing without holding on to something.

There are many styles of these shower chairs for elderly and recovering patients on the market now, to help prevent falls in the shower. Some fold away, so that others can use the shower, and some can stay right in the shower. Lots of choices. You just have to identify the need.


Bathtub transfer Bench/Bath Chair With Back, Wide Seat, Adjustable Seat Height, Sure Gripped Legs, Lightweight, Durable, Rust-Resistant Shower Bench
Amazon Price: $149.99 $50.64 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 13, 2013)
this really helps with confidence for getting in and out of bathtub.

Tub Transfer Bench - This allows anyone with mobility issues to be able to still bathe themselves in a bathtub. It is basically a 2 part bench, where part of it fits in the tub and one bit is on the outside of the tub. You sit on this seat and then put your legs in the tub. It is much easier than trying to sit on the edge of the tub or step into a tub and risk slipping or falling.

This can make a person of any age with mobility issues, able to have a bath without help. Which helps to keep independence. This is much cheaper than renovating the entire bathroom.

There are always new and better mobility tools coming on the market. If you can get online, this is one way to keep up with the latest in mobility aids for elderly, recovering, or any type of mobility issue.

Amazon is one place where you can see many mobility aids. mobility aidsBy shopping online, you can educate yourself on what is available and what type of price you should be paying. Whether you are caring for elderly parents, or relatives, or whether this is for yourself, then you can see what is on the market.

My Dad, suffered in silence about getting in and out of the tub. He didn't want to admit to anyone that he was having issues with the tub. He was scared, but really preferred a tub to a shower. He didn't want to have to renovate the bathroom, he was still mobile, but with his Multiple Sclerosis he was weaker. He didn't realize the mobility aids that were available to him, other than the grab bars, until he got one in the bathroom. His biggest fear was getting in and not getting out. This made life easier for my mom too, who was his caregiver.

So, sometimes mobility issues come on gradually, and you slowly compensate, by not doing certain routines or activities. You just get into new habits. If you are trying to care for elderly parents, they may not tell you they are having problems. But once they try some of these mobility aids for seniors, they will wonder why they didn't get this earlier.

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