So, picture this, you have purchased a heavy duty outdoor mobility scooter. (or sometimes called a disability scooter). This one has all the bells and whistles on it, and man can it go. So, you charge it up and out you go to do your errands. But while you are in the parking lot, you are distracted and you run into the side of a car with it. Their car is damaged and so is your scooter, do you have insurance?

You are not injured, but you are shocked at the size of the dent you just put in someone's car. You ride can cause some damage, even at slow speeds. This is why it is good to have insurance.

There are two types of  insurance to consider having on your ride. Especially if you have a heavy duty outdoor one.

First Type of Coverage - This is the coverage you put on this unit for theft. For example if you have to leave yours locked up outside your house, or it is in the garage or somewhere on you property and it gets stolen or damaged.

In this case it would be worth checking with your home owner insurance (if you own a home) or contents insurance (for renters) to see if yours may be covered under the policy. If not, then you will need to get a separate one for this. Although they are not considered "vehicles" they should have their own insurance policy, especially if you paid a lot for it. You will want to protect your investment.

Second Type of Coverage - This would be your third party coverage. This means that you would be covered if you had an accident with yours, such as running into a car, or even other people. A good insurance policy will cover you for any accidents you may have with this.

No one plans to have an accident, but they do happen. These scooters are capable of going faster than they used to, and if you are sharing a sidewalk or walkway with other people, then accidents can happen. Although not considered a vehicle, and you don't need a special license, you do have to be careful with them. They are heavy enough to do damage to another person or vehicle, or you could run something over and damage your scooter too.

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You can pay a lot for a mobility scooter. So, you should consider protecting your investment with insurance. Talk to your broker about getting a separate policy for it, or see if it can be covered under other policies that you have. Sometimes bundling them together will save you money.

Once you have insurance on your new mobility scooter, then take the time to get the feel of driving it. They can go fast, and it is like driving a vehicle, so get to know your scooter before heading into parking lots. Some scooter riders, will put a tall orange flag on the back of their scooter, so cars will see them before backing out of parking lots.

Take care when driving your ride around other pedestrians. Yours is electric and runs very quietly and they may not hear you driving. Take care, and take responsibility for your actions with mobility scooter insurance.

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