Mobility Scooter Carriers For The Car - So, you have decided to get more mobile, and you purchased a disability scooter, but now you want to go further out. You are not quite ready for purchasing a specialty equiped retroffited van yet, but you want to be able to take your scooter with you on your drives out and about.

Here is the answer to your problem, you can get metal totally weather proof carriers that attach to the back of your car, truck or van.  The carrier itself weighs a mere 84 pounds but it can take up to 400 pounds of scooter or chair.

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Best Mobility Scooter Carrier

Wheelchair Scooter Mobility Carrier Medical Rack Ramp
Amazon Price: $194.51 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 21, 2013)

Once attached with the special carrier pin you can simply ride it up the ramp to the floor of the carrier and secure it, pull of the ramp side up and then off you go.

When not in use, this carrier floor can fold upwards for storage.  It is lightweight and can be installed quite quickly without any major retrofits to your vehicle.  So, instead of trying to lift your mobility scooter off the ground and into the back of a van or trunk of a car, you simply take it along on its own carrier attachment.

Just like many people carry bicycles, yours would carry your scooter.


Mobility Scooter Carrier

You can also purchase these mobility scooter lifts as a kit online, such as with Amazon. You simply get the special pin and connector installed (also sold online)  and then you are ready to go further out and about.

These mobility scooter lifts have 4 inch side rails to keep your scooter on the carrier and 10 tie down points to keep it safe, it is totally weather proof and tough to the elements.  This way you can still go out in your own car, and get around in your disability scooter, such as at the mall or shopping, and still be able to put it away and drive home. 

If you can drive your own vehicle, or your partner has a vehicle, and you don't want to buy a specialty retrofited van, then this is a great way to get around.  You simply put a cover on your scooter for the weather.

My parents used one of these for years. They had a car, and my Dad had Multiple Sclerosis, which make it hard for him to get around. Many times he just stayed at home, as they thought they would need a van to transport this. But this is not so.

My mother used to try and lift the scooter into the trunk herself, which made my Dad feel bad. Luckily his was not too heavy, but still, the trunk of their car was high, and they kept damaging the seal around the lip of the trunk as they would always catch the scooter on this while putting it in the trunk.

So, you can purchase one of these kits online at places such as Amazon, or check around with friends and see where they got theirs.  But the easier it is to stay mobile, the better the chances that you will get out and about.

Don't let mobility problems keep you at home. Figure out just what you need to be able to get around, and chances are someone has it! Shopping online for mobility aids, is a great place to start and find out what is available out there on the market now.

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Wheelchair Scooter Mobility Carrier Medical Rack Ramp
Amazon Price: $194.51 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 21, 2013)