Using mobility scooters, can give you freedom and independence that you may not have had before. Mobility issues, may have been keeping you at home, until you started using a disability scooter. You can now run errands and get around better than you could before, but what about that one step up to your favorite store? Or that ledge at your friends house?

Using mobility scooter ramps, are a great way to get around and not have barriers. These scooter ramps are portable and fold up for ease of carrying. They can hold up to 600 pounds when used properly, and can be the difference as to whether you get into that store yourself or not, or to your friends house.

These mobility scooter ramps, are great for traveling. If you like to take your disability scooter with you every where you go, then taking a mobility scooter ramp is one way to make sure you are not faced with too many obstacles.mobility scooter ramps

As you see in the picture, it is a great way to get into a house or store. These are handy to have, and are something you should consider storing on your outdoor mobility scooter. You can get these in different sizes as well. Drive Medical Single Fold Suitcase Style Wheelchair - Scooter Ramps with Carry Bag, Gun Metal, 3' x 30" (pictured)

This particular one folds up to look like a brief case, and they are lightweight, and also have perforations to stop rain water from accumulating, especially if you are visiting someone and you want to leave the ramp at the door for getting out later. They are slip proof as well.

You can get these and other mobility scooter ramps and accessories at medical equipment stores, as well as some pharmacies. But you can also find these online at Amazon. You just need to decide which size would suit you best.

It could be that you need something like this at your own house. This may be a cheaper way for the moment to get out the door, especially if there is a small ledge or step up. Then fold it up and take it with you.

Searching online is a great way to find any new mobility tools that may be on the market now to make your life easier. Don't let mobility issues keep you at home 24/7. With the right equipment, such as mobility scooters and mobility lifts for cars and vans and now these mobility scooter ramps, you will be set.

You can now go out and enjoy activities again, that you once enjoyed. If you are familiar with your own area, you are probably aware of where you can and cannot go, but if you are visiting somewhere else, you may not know. In which case you should purchase and carry these lightweight mobility scooter ramps, so that small steps and different height thresholds, will not stop you from going in.

They come in carry bags, and will fit in your basket, or other storage area on your mobility scooter.

So, whether you ride around your own area, or you need a little boost for getting in and out of the back door of your own house, then consider mobility scooter ramps. These are great portable ramps, that you can just fold back up again afterwards.

So, don't let mobility issues and a higher doorway stop you from getting out with your scooter, check out these mobility ramps.

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