Xbox360Do you have an Xbox 360? Are you frustrated by the fact that you cannot hear game sound through your headset like a normal set up? I don't know why the designers made a headset that was meant to only transfer sound across the internet but I do know how to fix it. This tutorial will show you how to quickly and easily modify your Xbox 360 gaming set-up so that you can hear game sounds as well as transmit your voice over the internet during live play through your headset.

This tutorial does not require you to modify your Xbox 360 console or controller in anyway so you will not be voiding your warranty by using this solution. I recommend that you do not use other tutorials on the internet that encourage you to open the gaming console and your controller. Doing that will void your warranty with Micrsoft.

Things You Will Need

Xbox 360 RCA cable

Belkin 5 star 3.5mm headphone splitter

2 RCA couplers with a double female end

3.5mm headphone with male coupler

RCA speaker cable with 3 male ends

Step 1

Xbox360RCAcable Starting with your Xbox 360 RCA cable plug the audio cables (red and white) into one side of the female RCA couplers. Make sure that the red and white cables are plugged into a seperate female coupler port.

Step 2

femalecoupler Use the RCA speaker Cable and plug it into the opposite end of the female coupler. You may want to tape these wires together once you ensure the Xbox 360 headset is working properly.

Step 3

maleRCAcable You should have one end of the male RCA speaker cable open. Plug the open male RCA speaker cable into the Belkin 5 star 3.5mm headphone splitter. It does not matter which port you use as your Xbox 360 headphones will work no matter which port is used.

Step 4

BelkinHeadphonesplitter Plug the Belkin headphone splitter into the Xbox 360 controller. Plug in your Xbox 360 video RCA plug (this should be yellow) and turn on the Xbox 360. You may be able to use a different headphone splitter in another brand. Belkin is the brand I use.

Step 5

Headphones Plug your headset into the headphone splitter in an open port. You can buy any brand of headphones that you like as long as there is a male audio adapter. I suggest you get a comfortable pari as you are likely to wear them a while. The extra cables you need to complete this Xbox 360 modification can be found at Radio Shack, WalMart or Best Buy. I am sure you can get them from an audio video supplier near you as well. Remember to tape up your connections as game play during Call of Duty, and Halo 3 can get pretty wild. The last thing you want to do during a match is lose your sound. Enjoy your legal Xbox 360 modification and Happy Gaming!

Tips & Warnings

Tape all your connections.

Do not do a Xbox 360 mod that encourages you to open the console or the controller.